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Will soon be moving to San Diego. Any recommendations for cafes and roasters in the area. I know Boxcar are there, but what are some of your favourites?


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Hey, welcome to SD!

I have lived in SD all my life and I have never heard of Boxcar. Here are my top 5 favorite in order:

1. PopPie - Amazing coffee and great pies and ice cream (Stella Jean's next door)
2. SevenSeas - Really good stuff
3. Coffee & Tea Collective - Good
4. James Coffee - Pretty Good
5. Tired Eyes Coffee- Pretty good
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michaelm1982 (original poster)

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I got mixed up, I meant Bird Rock, not Boxcar. (Boxcar are in CO) .

Thanks for the suggestions though. Can't wait to try them out.


#4: Post by MDL »

Yes to Birdrock, also Zumbar Coffee in Sorrento Valley.

michaelm1982 (original poster)

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Great! The office will be in Sorrento Valley - so appreciate that one!


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Honestly Zumbar has become a roasty mess these last years at least for their hummingbird blend.

You can also add Dark Horse, Hawthorn, Steady State, and Mostra coffee should be coming to Banker Hill as well. I recommend Mostra the most!