Roasters in Melbourne, Australia

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Anyone have a few suggestions for good roasters in Melbourne? If there aren't any perhaps there's a roaster somewhere in Victoria worth visiting? Lacking that, what about anywhere in Australia?

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There are almost too many to count in Melbourne. You may want to go to North St in Richmond where you can find 3 roasters within a few blocks, Veneziano, Maker and Zest. These are roasting plants/cafes.

Also recommended: Proud Mary in Collingwood, St. Ali in South Melbourne (a neighborhood, not a different city), Industry Beans in Fitzroy, and my personal favorite: Cartel, which I believe has now teamed up with Blue Doors in the CBD, though this is a cafe, not their plant. (I've not been since they had this affiliation.)

Oh, before I forget, Anthony Douglas of Axil Coffee Roasters won the world barista championship in 2022.

I could go on. These are also some of the most highly rated in the city:

Padre (Daddy's Girl blend is excellent)

less well known:
Undercover Roasters in Richmond (nice guys and cafe)
Studio Beans
Core in Brunswick East

Have a good time and use all that caffeine to run to the next cafe. They close early.

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I missed your post until just now. I had given up on getting any reply. My original post was very limited geographically since I won't have a car. I expanded it to all of Australia as a joke. But several of your suggestions are within twenty minutes walking of where I'll be.

Thank you so much!

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I visited six of the cafes you mentioned. It was amazing walking to these places and passing numerous cafes on the way. Almost every person on the street had a little paper cup of coffee in their hand. A couple of the shops were so tiny and hidden away but clearly very popular. Padre was by far my favorite in terms of the coffee itself. I brought home 3kg of beans, about a three month supply, from three of the places (plus one from Hobart). The Indonesian from Padre was wonderful from the very first shot I pulled at home. I'll probably end up wishing I'd bought more.

Thanks again!

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I just got to Melbourne and will be staying in the CBD and S Yarra areas for 1wk each. Looking forward to trying all the wonderful coffee. My research included almost all of the ones listed above, and several more. I'm gonna me pretty cafinated for the next couple weeks!