Requesting a tip for passing through Portland, OR

Talk about your favorite cafes, local barista events, or plan your own get-together.
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#1: Post by Chert »

Where should I stop?

I have been to Barista, Nossa, Stumptown but not HQ, Coava, Water Avenue, Ristretto, Roseline and Spella long ago; and I would like to check out a new spot.
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#2: Post by yakster »

I haven't been, but when I posted pictures from Portland on my Instagram stream, a friend recommended Roseline as "awesome" coffee with a recently opened storefront.

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Chert (original poster)

#3: Post by Chert (original poster) » replying to yakster »

I am going to look and see if Prince Coffee (house made Stroopwafeln!) is on the track or not too far off it. They use Roseline which has been well represented at Barista in the past. My last stop was Roseline and it was good.
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#4: Post by lsun22 »

i've been to barista, heart, case study, water ave, and stumptown.

i got the house blend americano at each one and heart was my favorite.

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#5: Post by Andy »

Compass Coffee is worth a trip to Vancouver. It is near the north end of the I-5 bridge -- very easy to get to from Portland. I enjoyed Heart and Water Avenue, but haven't been to either in a couple years.



#6: Post by thuegli »

I know you've been to Coava but they have free cuppings at 1pm at their HQ. Pretty fun.


#7: Post by Gig103 »

I like Heart, and also thought Never Coffee was pretty cool. The guys working the day I popped in for an espresso were very excited to talk shop.

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Chert (original poster)

#8: Post by Chert (original poster) »

More followup on recent espresso cafe explorations in Portland.

Proud Mary is an Australian establishment and now has one US operation in Portland OR for a cafe and wholesale roasting.

If you are in Portland I strongly recommend you go.

I had an excellent shrimp omelet and a Nano Challa espresso, Petra de Dios Mexican natural batch brew during our breakfast, and I walked out with a cup of Costa Rica COE #2 gesha varietal for our drive on south in Oregon. 20 minutes later the last cooled sips were still delicious, no taint of time.
Their cafe buildout is something to see with a custom Synesso under the counter (6 groups I think) machine, and a system of vacuum storing roasted coffee so that shots are always pulled at optimum age. I got to chat with one of the baristas that was involved in the build out as well which was a treat.

Go check it!
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#9: Post by keno »

Coava, Heart, and Case Study.

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#10: Post by keno »

Andy wrote:Compass Coffee is worth a trip to Vancouver. It is near the north end of the I-5 bridge -- very easy to get to from Portland
There is a Compass Coffee in Portland (funnily enough it is on Vancouver Ave which is in Portland).