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Frenchman wrote:13 months from time of order.
That's a bit disappointing considering the Mini has 24 months. I wonder if it says something about their faith in the reliability.

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I doubt it says anything about their faith in reliability. I don't think LM would put their name on a machine they have reliability worries about. That would be too damaging to the brand, but mostly, not who they are.

Warranties are often perks linked to a tier, which can be used as differentiator between two tiers. Also, warranties are pretty short in the USA. You will often see (at least for other products) longer warranties in Europe than in the US. It's also a cost center, so part of the overall pricing strategy.

For example, Miele's marketing is all about how their dishwashers are built to last 20 years. Yet their warranty is only 2 years and you have to pay of you want 5. But in Europe it's commonly 5 years extendable to 10. Same product, different commercial decision.

There are still some credit cards in the USA that will extend warranty (the Costco one for example is one of the best for a Costco member, with an extra 2 years, though that benefit is being phased out early 2023). Getting such a card can be a good option for a big purchase.
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Frenchman wrote: Also, warranties are pretty short in the USA.
My Synchronika's US warranty is three years. And I just checked - both Clive and Whole Latte Love offer 3 years for many high end DBs.

LM is really not competitive with their warranty, which is strange.

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Frenchman wrote:I didn't get an "official" LM answer, but the wand wouldn't clear the tray if it were any longer. It also seems plenty long to me for traditional milk drinks. It would totally work for me.
Thanks. One of the reasons I was curious about this is because I saw that it comes with only a 350 ml pitcher, which I think would only be good for a 6 oz latte. Glad to hear that you think it should be long enough for larger pitchers. My wife likes 10 oz lattes, so I'm using a 500 ml pitcher.

Frenchman wrote:Doesn't look like it. If you really wanted something longer, you could probably have someone machine a threaded extension that would go between the end and tip?
Thanks. Since you think that it will be fine with larger pitchers, hopefully this won't be necessary.

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I use a 350 ml pitcher at home. It's plenty to make 10 oz drinks (which I have made many times with), and I always have some milk to throw away when I make my drinks, which are 6 oz cappuccinos. 10 oz is less than 350 ml and with steam at 2 bars, milk stretches very quickly and plentifully.

If you specifically want to see if someone tried a 500 ml pitcher, maybe make a request in the Micra review comments and hopefully one of the other reviewers will try and give their opinion.
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