Proud Mary cafe in Austin

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#1: Post by Glacier21 »

I visited the new Proud Mary cafe in Austin today. It is lovely. The staff were very friendly, the space is big and open, and the frozen bean dispenser setup is next level.

The special pourover I tried was presented by a "dry smell" of the grounds before brewing, and a tasting card. Food was great, too.

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#2: Post by Chert »

When I visited the Portland one last, there was a roasting operation in house. Is that so in Austin too?

If that joint is near open air live music like can be found in Austin, it will be 4 times as attractive. Not just for having 4 times as many frozen coffees on tap! (Maybe the Portland location also embiggened their hopper freezer, idk.)
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suggestion: Taste n Learn: turbo shots, light roast edition.

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#3: Post by TomC »

Most of my immediate family are either living in or currently visiting Austin at the moment. I sent the link to Proud Mary to my brother and told him he'd better get over there and check it out. I'll definitely be there in November to try everything.
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