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#1: Post by erics »

Here is a great (but small) cafe in Philadelphia:

They have a one group GS-3 and the Barista is very knowledgeable about the various coffees served. I had one of the best cappys there.

Eric S.
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#2: Post by objective1 »

Dan at Pilgrim roasters in Manyunk was suggesting a trip to this place... great to hear a good review...

what was the venue like? and was he very busy?

the menu and list of partners looks pretty interesting..


#3: Post by coffee_jaye »

Love seeing any Philly threads. Was just at Thank You Thank You earlier this week!

Anyone in Philly, feel free to follow me on the 'gram: @coffee_jaye. Often going to shops and making coffee and espresso with my small group of friends.