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Was poking around, and hadn't seen a thread newer than 2018 chatting about good roasteries in Philly. Just wondering if folks have recommendations to add to my standby list.

Pilgrim Roasters in Manayunk.....

I'm outside the city and have been taking advantage of ELixr's nice 3 bags for 45$ deal including shipping..

Just looking for additional alternatives for driving or ordering local. Mainly as straight espresso, but also with milk (gotta keep the wife happy).
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scraping from the existing posts here's (an albeit crappy) list of shops mentioned with some simple geo referencing (as the spirit moves, i'll work to clean this up for better consumption)

Our own Alan! Shops in New Hope and Doylestown.

Pretty Bird in Yardley.

One Up One Down, Trenton, NJ

Pilgrim Roasters in Manayunk....

One Village Coffee souderton pa,

Brandywine (Wilmington DE) ... collection

Suprema Coffee - next to Kimmel Center.

Two Persons Coffee - in the Bok building

Gran Caffe L'Aquila

Caffe Ida

La Colombe

Function coffee lab

Blind Tiger- kensington,

Vibrant Coffee Roasters


Passenger - Lancaster

Royal Mile in Cherry Hill, NJ

Backyard Coffee

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Our own Alan! Shops in New Hope and Doylestown.

Pretty Bird in Yardley.

One Up One Down, Trenton, NJ
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thanx for that reply... wishing i had something a little more local but at least its some localish options with shipping...

any specifics on any of your recommendations and/or their offerings? something to guide the next level of crap shoot? i typically like to sample before i just start ordering stuff.. but those places are a good hour from me...

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I live in central nj and I have been ordering my beans from caffe lusso in Washington. I get my beans long before I would even consider using them.

I did find a coffee in my local gormet supermarket that is made in souderton pa, is that close to you? I have a fresh bag opened right now and I am dialing it in for straight espressos. Company is called One Village Coffee and it is definitely worth a try if it is close to you. If not close then anywhere is close enough with shipping really, but one village is still worth a try. . :). I really like caffe lusso, but I have gotten good shots from the One Village Nordico so far. Another espresso offering from them is villager, that was too acidic for my liking, but that is just me.


Just looked at the map again, what looked close to Philly is a lot further that I thought, did not look at the scale unfortunately. Too far to drive for beans. :(


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I regularly use both Brandywine (Wilmington DE) & Elixr (Philadelphia). Both are great. ... collection

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i've tried the one village. whatever house espresso blend they were serving as well as an SO they were featuring that day... I wasn't very enamored.. could have been the barista..

Funny thing was, i decided to drive down to Manayunk one tuesday morning.. Took me 35 minutes... And Pilgrim is quickly becoming enough of a fav that driving down to sample what they have and buy 3 bags (2 weeks of coffee) is well worth the investment (you get a free coffee with each bag you buy). They have only that one shop, and roast small batches (maybe 10-20 lbs?) per coffee. They buy very small lots from some growers that experiment with different processing techniques.. anerobic, honey, etc. they have a geisha, a typica, as well as caturras and a catuai to choose from ... big fan... stopping by there this monday... haven't had a bad coffee there yet... and most have been in the 'best i ever had' category...


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I'd love to organize a Philly get together after the end of the pandemic!

Anyway, here are few places I like. These are my opinions only and ymmv.

Suprema Coffee - Just tried these guys last weekend and was absolutely blown away. They're right next to the Kimmel Center. The owner was super smart and passionate, a true expert. They micro roast all their own stuff in house. He pulled a great shot me. So good, that I ended up buying a bag of their Narino Aponte Honey Washed that he uses for espresso and suggested.

Two Persons Coffee - These guys are in the Bok building and open Fridays and Saturdays. They carry passenger coffee, my favorite roaster based in Lancaster, and pull shots using their Stowaway blend, which is very approachable. They sell bags of passenger's different stuff. My other favorite with Montecarlos. That's a lighter roast, and very complex. The Montecarlos beans were the best shot I've ever had anywhere by another cafe that uses passenger coffee located in Easton, PA named Three Birds.

Gran Caffe L'Aquila - I was super into Italian blends and these guys roast their own and are the best at it in my opinion. Not a huge fan of their Torino, but I love their Napoli and L'Aquila roast. It's a very different style to American espresso, but to this day, I have yet to find a better coffee for milk drinks. Their cappuccinos are the best I've ever had anywhere, including Italy and third wave shops.

Caffe Ida - Small mom and pop shop that serves traditional Segrafreddo or Motta italian coffee. Husband and wife own the place, and they have a great story. The wife, Ida, won the Albanian lottery to get an American visa. She came over and was able to start this cafe. Out of all the places I've been to, this place reminds me the most of a no frills italian cafe like in Italy. Old men speaking italian and playing scopa. Sunday mornings grand children are running around after mass while the men play cards while their wives pop in and out talking about their sunday gravy. Great place to get a cornetto and a espresso and pretend you're abroad.

Ultimo Coffee - I go to their Newbold location but they have more than one location. They're very much third wave and like to roast light roasts. El templo is what they currently pull and I've enjoyed those beans. They are very sweet, and to this day, they are the only beans that I could pull a lungo (1:3) and still have it be enjoyable. I've also tried their imperial (very raisin forward, not really dark coffee).

Obviously there are other roasters too in the city, but I'm not too big of a fan. La Colombe's Nizza blend used to be my favorite, but its very inconsistent. Rival brothers to me is too bright and acidic. Function coffee lab was disappointing to me too. Not a fan of Elixir, too acidic and didn't like the vibe of the cafe. It's been too long since I've been to Green Street roasters so can't comment on them. I'd highly suggest you try these guys for yourself though and see what you think. Someday I'll try Other Animal Roasters too.

Blind Tiger is another one I haven't tried.

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FWIW, I did not have a good experience ordering from L'aquila with delivery through the mail. Hopefully they do better in person.


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Blind Tiger and Vibrant Coffee Roasters are two of my favorite roasters in the philly area. Rally offers Blind Tiger coffee and Function Coffee Labs covers Vibrant. Two of my favorite spots.


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I'm a huge fan of Other Animal.