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Was poking around, and hadn't seen a thread newer than 2018 chatting about good roasteries in Philly. Just wondering if folks have recommendations to add to my standby list.

Pilgrim Roasters in Manayunk.....

I'm outside the city and have been taking advantage of ELixr's nice 3 bags for 45$ deal including shipping..

Just looking for additional alternatives for driving or ordering local. Mainly as straight espresso, but also with milk (gotta keep the wife happy).

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Our own Alan! Shops in New Hope and Doylestown.

Pretty Bird in Yardley.

One Up One Down, Trenton, NJ
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thanx for that reply... wishing i had something a little more local but at least its some localish options with shipping...

any specifics on any of your recommendations and/or their offerings? something to guide the next level of crap shoot? i typically like to sample before i just start ordering stuff.. but those places are a good hour from me...

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I live in central nj and I have been ordering my beans from caffe lusso in Washington. I get my beans long before I would even consider using them.

I did find a coffee in my local gormet supermarket that is made in souderton pa, is that close to you? I have a fresh bag opened right now and I am dialing it in for straight espressos. Company is called One Village Coffee and it is definitely worth a try if it is close to you. If not close then anywhere is close enough with shipping really, but one village is still worth a try. . :). I really like caffe lusso, but I have gotten good shots from the One Village Nordico so far. Another espresso offering from them is villager, that was too acidic for my liking, but that is just me.


Just looked at the map again, what looked close to Philly is a lot further that I thought, did not look at the scale unfortunately. Too far to drive for beans. :(


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I regularly use both Brandywine (Wilmington DE) & Elixr (Philadelphia). Both are great. ... collection

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