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#11: Post by BaristaBob »

Reanimator is down in the city, east of the Kimmel Center. Been there once, solid cup.
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#12: Post by Feca »

Passenger is my favorite roaster in the area, broadly defined, as it's in Lancaster (but has a great shipping/subscription service). I'm including Philadelphia 'proper' in this 'area', BTW, although I haven't tried all of the ones people have suggested on this list, so it seems I've homework :)

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#13: Post by luisguilherme »

Running Pump I. Lancaster PA is the best cheap coffee I've ever had. They make supermarket coffee, but it's surprisingly fresh (I imagine because it's quality and it's cheap, so it is always freshly roasted). Their SOs are hit and miss, but I still have good memories of their Panama Boquete


#14: Post by Feca »

Correct, Running Pump is owned by Gerhart. I can confirm they buy cheap coffee (they pay nowhere near specialty prices), but they do seem to pay good attention to the rest of the coffee chain.


#15: Post by TeamNJMA »

New to the forum.

I'm a big fan of Function Coffee at 10th and Carpenter. But live walking distance to Ultimo which is great and now want to check out caffe Ida.

My current local roast is Royal Mile in Cherry Hill, NJ. Check out Dark Ness Monster of those flavors appeal.


#16: Post by Janika79 »

I live outside Philly and close to Backyard Coffee and One Village and both are great. Definitely worth a try. If you want to go a bit further and go to Delaware, I can echo on Brandywine Roasters. Also great. In Philly directly, I have tried Elixr and OX. Both very good too.

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#17: Post by JettLag »

Blind Tiger's 'Huila is Magic' is fantastic. Easily one the best I've had over the past year.