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Hi all,

First post. I couldn't find an 'Introductions' thread so apologies if this is in the wrong place.

My name is CJ (he/him), I live and work in Philadelphia, and I'm starting to get more into coffee. My partner and I bought ourselves a V60 and kettle last year for Christmas and I'm going deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole. We only do pour over at the moment and I haven't yet gone into the deep end of espresso. I have a few coffee and barista friends, but would love to meet up with folks for coffee to make new friends and explore this hobby further.

I work in Center City and am pretty close to multiple Elixr locations (my favorite coffee in the city). Always looking for new roasters and new shops. I've started ordering beans from outside of the city, so I definitely have eyes on Thank You Thank You for their rotating list of featured roasters.

Places I've been to in order of frequency/familiarity:
  • Elixr - pretty frequently, either out or brewed at home
  • La Colombe - also frequently as it's next to work, but often brewed at home
  • Pilgrim - regularly as part of bike rides, the de-facto Manayunk stop on the way back
  • Reanimator - my partner works close by so sometimes she grabs beans to brew at home
  • Function Coffee Lab / Vibrant - went to Function once, but I should check out Vibrant as it's closer to me. I like that they offer sample packs but haven't yet purchased one.
  • Ultimo - it's been awhile
Shops I'd like to go to:
  • Two Persons
  • Thank You Thank You
  • ???
As an aside, I regularly get together with a bunch of bike people at this event called "Coffee Outside PHL" where people bring their travel brew kits and.... make coffee outside.

Let's drink some coffee!

For posterity, including a link to the previous thread I had found but couldn't post in, because it was old:
Philadelphia Area Roasteries


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You should add Suprema (on Pine between 15th and 16) to your list.


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Awesome re-up on our local thread. Glad to see another enthusiast.

Not Philly but local enough it feels like you are supporting local is 'Little Amps' in Harrisburg. I actually found their coffee at 'One Day' in Miami. A shop run by an x- blue bottle roaster from Brooklyn that sources beans from roasters across the country. (Ya I love telling that story :-) )

There was another newish roaster, Persimmon, that I'd seen running a very low variety of coffees, but reads like their hearts are in the right place. Looks like they have a brick and mortar in fishtown. I'm wondering if anyone has tried.