Origin Espresso in North Queensland, AUS

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Was back in Oz in mid-March 2020 (for a cricket tournament with my old club). Anyway spent a couple of weeks in FNQ* and mostly PD. Origin Espresso has been a favourite for years. But back then it was closed. Not just for COVID, but looked like it was all torn apart. Full remodel. Possibly even new ownership. Any news on that? Good, bad, or indifferent? I always worry when old favourites go through changes.


*FNQ = Far North Queensland
**PD = Port Douglas
But if you have to ask about these you probably don't know what I'm talking about anyway :wink:
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Although we're pretty safe here with COVID, since the nearest cases are over a thousand miles away, we're still careful. We live 20 mins from Port, but don't go there as much as we used to. Generally only if we can't get what we want in town (Mossman). We used to enjoy going to Origin Espresso, but haven't been for a couple of years now. The website says it's going, but has new owners, so we can't comment. We're going to Cairns on Friday and you've prompted me to stop in at Sipping Duck and get a coffee and maybe some beans. Our go-to coffee shop these days is Coffee Works Mareeba. Nice coffee, but a really nice setting and vibe. We enjoy the whole experience. They also have a shop in Port. Lots of coffee and stuff, and friendly service. As ever in FNQ! Stay safe over there!
You said "back in Oz" for cricket. I'm guessing you must be an expat Aussie in the States. We used to be members at the Gabba years ago. Thommo gave us a reference! Let it go when we moved to Sydney in '95. QLD won the shield that year :cry:

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My wife tells me I'm a complete spoil-sport and no fun. So let's have some fun. When we go to Port tomorrow we'll drop in to Origin Espresso and have a coffee to check it out. We'll report back ...