Oakland, CA Get Together for Decent People

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#1: Post by TenLayers »

Arranging a meet up with Decent owners and Decent curious and Decent wannabees at my studio in West Oakland.
Thinking of Saturday, April 4th 2PM onward.
- Bay Area Decent owners: bring your machines, favorite accessories, and let's socialize.
- Decent Curious: come and try some espresso shots on the Decent, get hands on time, and talk to owners to get unbiased reviews.
- We'll have grinders and beans, but bring your favorite beans if you'd like to taste them on a Decent. Please bring at least 1/2 a pound so we can dial it in nicely.
- This is casual: no talks, no presentations, no cost. Informal dress required.

PM me for address.

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#2: Post by TomC »

I just left an informal dinner party with John here in the city. I'm looking forward to this one and planning on attending.
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#3: Post by downy_ball »

I'd like to come but have zero experience with a Decent and have only been making espresso with my La Spaziale since Christmas so I may not be a preferred attendee. But I do live right over here in Alameda, and do roast my own coffee... is that enough to get an invite?

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#4: Post by Chert replying to downy_ball »

I think you qualify for Decent exposure.
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TenLayers (original poster)
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#5: Post by TenLayers (original poster) »

Breaking News!

Sweet Maria's is donating some roasted beans as well as having some of their people come and join in.

Ground Control wants to bring one of their filter machines in and let people taste their coffee too.

And so we can agree on definitions, "Decent Curious" will mean "open to anyone who'd like to try a decent shot" And or a Ground Control filter coffee.

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#6: Post by yakster »

Paul, you're really upping the ante here. I'm interested in coming to check out the Ground Control and the Decent machines.

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#7: Post by sosha »

I'm interested! The new Decent is calling my name, but I need to see it in action.

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#8: Post by Swong46 »

I'll be there! Going to try to bring my custom lever machine and some accessories for the Decent.


#9: Post by dabaron2 »

Interested, update of any changes; missed the last one.

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#10: Post by yakster »

TenLayers wrote:Ground Control wants to bring one of their filter machines in and let people taste their coffee too.
I've learned that one of my favorite roasters, Chromatic Coffee, has a Ground Control brewer at their Willow Glen location at 460 Lincoln Avenue Suite 10 San Jose, CA 95126.

I'm hoping to be able to check this out this afternoon.

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