North-East Florida Cafes

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#1: Post by ShotClock »

Any recommendations would be great - especially in the Jacksonville, St Augustine and Ponte Vedra areas.

Thanks, Dave

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#2: Post by jbviau »

Bold Bean in Jacksonville come to mind. I've had their coffee once or twice locally but haven't been to one of their shops up there.
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#3: Post by danetrainer »

I relocated to this area 2 years ago, and I've checked out some of the most hopeful prospects. Coming from the PNW my expectations are quite high and I prefer straight espresso, no milk. I do typically order a macchiato my first time to a cafe to judge the possibilities. My choices are limited to Light and Medium roasted coffees only.

First the exceptional one, it's out of the Jacksonville to St Augustine area but I certainly need to mention it if someone travels I-4 from Daytona to Orlando, to take a short drive to:

Trilogy Cafe & Coffee Roasters in Deland

In Ormond Beach there is Gold Leaf Cafe serving local roaster Steel Oak Coffee.

Cafe Racer coming online in the next month at Gold Leaf

St Augustine choices are Relampago Cafe and Roasters, and Kookaburra Cafe and Roasters which have about 5 locations.

Jacksonville Beach choices are Bold Bean Cafe and Roasters, and Sago Coffee.

ShotClock (original poster)
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#4: Post by ShotClock (original poster) »

A quick update....

Unfortunately, I didn't make it to Trilogy, but it's on my list next time I'm in the area - fortunately, nice and convenient next time I'm going to NSB.

Kookaburra was pretty good - noticeably better at the roastery than their other locations, and their milk steaming wasn't amazing, but the espresso was reliably good.

Bold bean was okay, nothing special. I think I visited their location in Jacksonville Beach, maybe others are better.

Lucky Goat near University of North Florida was a good discovery, probably the best coffee I had in the area.

I had my first Slayer shot at the Village Bread cafe next to the river in Jacksonville - it was worse than a hotel super-auto - not recommended...

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#5: Post by Toxicswan »

If you're in St Augustine: DOS is my hands down fav, serves Relampago roasted coffees.