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#1: Post by caddycatcoffee »

I recently spent some time in Wilmington/Raleigh/Durham and wanted to share the coffee shops I thought were exceptional/worth a visit:

Casa Blanca (Exceptional and also great food offerings)
Maven Coffee (Single Dose Shop - try any coffee any way you like everything can be single dosed)
The Roastery (can vary per barista)
Bespoke (Great as long as milk quality/texture/temp doesn't matter to you)
The rest in Wilmington I would skip personally imho

Jubala (Solid across the board and good food options)
Black and White (Passionate baristas at the 2 shops I visited)

Joe Van Gogh (lots of locations so YMMV but the cafe I went to was great)
Fount Coffee (Nice above average place with food options)
Liturgy (Really cool spot with passionate baristas)
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#2: Post by OperationalFloss »

I hope you don't mind me hijacking this thread to bring up these places that apparently serve espresso in the Triangle-ish area. I'm only listing ones that are close to me, so not exhaustive.
  • Meeple's Brew - 9545 Chapel Hill Rd, Morrisville, NC 27560
  • Fount Coffee + Kitchen - 10954 Chapel Hill Rd Ste 109, Morrisville, NC 27560
  • Asali Desserts & Cafe - 107 Edinburgh S Dr Suite 106-A, Cary, NC 27511
  • :?: Mokk@ CafĂ© & Croissanterie - 726 Slash Pine Dr, Cary, NC 27519 (espresso not explicitly offered on the menu)
  • Bonafide Bakeshop & Cafe - 1232 W Williams St, Apex, NC 27502
  • Crema Coffee Roaster & Bakery - 1983 High House Rd, Cary, NC 27519
  • Wake Oasis Coffee - 6108 Old Jenks Rd, Apex, NC 27523
  • Tropical Smoothie Cafe - 337 Sembler Ln, Cary, NC 27519 (hey! don't judge, maybe they make good espresso!)
  • Piranha Joe Coffee - 2237 Old US 1 Hwy, Apex, NC 27502
I looked around the forums and heard Crema changed owners a few years ago. I haven't had the opportunity to get espresso there. But Fount, Crema, and Piranha Joe look promising.

I remember going to Wake Oasis (used to be called Wake Zone) because it's right next to where I went to elementary and middle school. All I remember about the coffee is some iced coffee concoction that wasn't very good. Maybe it's better these days. I've had espresso at Daniel's (Italian-American restaurant on 55) but it was not anything I can remember distinctly.

Anyway, I've been meaning to go around and try different places so I thought I'd mention these.


#3: Post by Smitward »

I love Black and White in Raleigh, on Fridays the Jubala cafes(they use black and white coffee) often give their single origin espresso shots for free!

In Chapel Hill I really like Caffe Driade(cafe in the woods) or Perennial(cafe downtown).

In Durham Im a big fan of Cocoa Cinnamon(little waves roasters)

In Carrboro Gray Squirrel is great and is the place where I had my first ever mind blowing shot that got me hooked on straight espresso.

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#4: Post by HB »

OperationalFloss wrote:I hope you don't mind me hijacking this thread to bring up these places that apparently serve espresso...
I live in Cary, too, which is near some of the cafes you listed. If you have recommendations from actual experience versus "places that apparently serve espresso", please let us know.
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#5: Post by OperationalFloss »

That's the plan and kind of the whole point of writing the list out. I anticipate a lot of anti-recommendations. I was actually hoping someone would butt in with actual experience - it would have saved me a post - but here we are :D


#6: Post by jonathan_fl »

I recently went to Cup-A-Joe in Hillsborough and had a good coffee experience with one espresso shot & a cappuccino. I also tried the spinach croissant, which was served cold (like refrigerated, not room temp) but was still good. If you go on a weekend check out the Eno River Farmer's Market nearby.

Edit: Forgot to add Mugs Coffee in Charlotte.


#7: Post by FlutterVeiss »

I've been to a few of these places, so I can post some of my experience. For full disclosure, my preference is for lighter roast espresso so if you like a more traditional style YMMV.
  • Jubala - any of the three locations are easily my favorite coffee shop. They use Black and White coffee and the baristas know how to get a good shot from their single origins. Only place I've been to in the area that even had it as an option and I've never had anything here that I didn't consider at least above average quality.
  • Fount - I've only been a few times as it's a bit far for me. Great experience every time.
  • Crema - This was the first local roaster I started my espresso journey with. They have a lot of good coffees available for home roast, but to my knowledge they only use their espresso roast for shots. Makes sense from a workflow perspective, but would be cool for them to spotlight some of the other coffees occasionally. I only get milk drinks or pour-overs from here because the espresso is just a titch dark for my tastes, but I think it's good for people who are more into that.
  • Meeple's Brew - It's a fun cafe, but both times I went the espresso was not dialed in well to the point where I was getting harsh bitterness even in a latte. It's been a long time since I've been in so could've just been a new person or something, but I would avoid straight espresso here.
  • Bonafide Bakeshop - the food here is great and worth the trip for that alone. That said, I usually only get milk drinks here - I think the coffee is just sort of generic or the roast is a touch dark or something, but it's usually a bit earthy for my tastes.
  • Asali - I actually wasn't aware they had espresso and haven't tried it, but if you're on the fence absolutely EVERYTHING food-related they sell here tastes incredible. I think they're primarily a bake-shop, so I wouldn't expect anything too crazy, but they are very knowledgeable about their loose-leaf teas so who knows.
Adding to the list:
  • Sir Walter Coffee - I've only had milk drinks, but they were good! Espresso is on the menu, but I don't think they do specialty coffee for it.
  • 42 & Lawrence - I got a specialty latte here that had cinnamon and something spicy a la aztec chocolate. It was alright, but I wish I had gotten something a little simpler. Weirdly, a lot of the cups had coffee drips on them and it made me wonder if they'd been washed...
I wish there were more places like Jubala - of the list so far it's the only one that feels like a coffee shop that actually purely specializes in espresso, though their other stuff is also really good. If anything else comes to mind, definitely let me know!


#8: Post by Homebrw »

Hello. Anyone with CLT faves? Thanks,

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#9: Post by LVD replying to Homebrw »

My neighborhood favorite is Not Just Coffee in South End (they also have locations uptown and In Dilworth). The Giddy Goat in Plaza Midwood is a cool place. Many others, but it depends on what area you're looking to go.

In Optimist Hall, the Suarez Bakery has a 2 group Slayer, but I've never had their coffee. Great food though. If anyone has tried it you can let us know. And since I mentioned Optimist Hall, Undercurrent Coffee is also located there. They serve Onyx coffee.

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#10: Post by LVD »

Here's a list of Charlotte cafe's that I've tried and at the very least make a decent milk drink or better:

South End:
-Not Just Coffee
-Eight + Sand

The People's Market

Plaza Midwood:
-Central Coffee
-Giddy Goat

-Queen City Grounds
-Not Just Coffee (7th Street Market)