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#21: Post by chrisbodnarphoto » Jan 13, 2018, 12:50 pm

bluesman wrote:Absolutely!! And to those who criticize, I can only reply.....

"Corretto alla Sperss, per favore!"

<image> + <image> = :D
I had dinner with the Gaja's this past summer! Such lovely and warm people! :)

There are plenty of solid 3rd Wave shops up here in Toronto - I can name at least a few off the top of my head! - but I understand that it might not always be th case, and we're likely lucky.

It's truly about preferences, tho ... I know people who think the best coffee they've ever had were espresso in Italy, which I can't stand.

I don't exactly believe that anything other than black/espresso coffee isn't coffee ... many coffees benefit from a bit of fat or sugar, and some are roasted with the idea of chocolatey capp's in mind. It's sort of like saying that chicken made alongside any additional ingredients isn't chicken.