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GregoryJ wrote: **Although last time that I ordered a cortado the person at the register informed me that it's called a gibraltar in the SF bay area. The 15 other coffee shops I've been to have never said anything though, so I will keep ordering a cortado :)
Had to look this one up.

From the absolute source of all accurate information on the Net, Wikipedia :mrgreen: :
The name gibraltar originated in San Francisco, California, where roasters - first Blue Bottle Coffee Company, later Ritual Coffee Roasters and others - started the cortado trend by serving the drink in Libbey Glass Company glassware by the same name.[2][6] Whereas a cortado is a broader term for many a cut beverage, a gibraltar is specifically defined in its proportions by the constraints of its cup size: a Libbey 'Gibraltar' glass contains 4.5 oz, 2 oz of which are filled by a standard double espresso shot and the remainder filled by foam.


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Ah interesting, so there was truth to that! Next time I'll have to push up my glasses and ask: "Well are you using Libbey Gibraltar glasses?"


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Yes, Gibraltars. I had been in SoCal ever since I came back from Australia a long time ago, before anyone here knew what a Flat White was :wink: . It wasn't until I entered professional life as an airline pilot that I started getting to know the Bay Area, and found out what a Gibraltar was. I think I learned that at Temple in Sacramento. But it was so long ago now... memory fades. And I'm not a big milk drink fan anyway, though I can make an exception for Gibraltars.
TomC wrote:We don't see too many community leaders, philosophers or cultural revolutionaries meeting up in cafes to decide how to overthrow the status-quo anymore.
These kinds of people still exist. Every prosperous society has a contingent of it's "recreationally outraged". And always has. Someone here on HB in another thread not so long ago, was either commenting directly from his own studies, or quoting from a book, about how community leaders, philosophers and cultural revolutionaries from antiquity, had always congregated in coffee houses, whether it was Ancient Rome, or the Middle East when they were world leaders in science and culture, etc... Coffee houses were a place for them.

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I used to serve cortados in Gibraltar glasses, but switched over to Ancap Verona 4.4oz cups and haven't looked back. It is a wonderful cup.

As far as the coffee bar scene, I try to make mine as close as possible to the old school Italian coffee bar. Until Covid, I did not serve any drink smaller than a cappuccino to go. As soon as we go "green" here in PA, it will be back to ceramics. "Can I get a single espresso to go?" Sorry, no you can't. A most under appreciated

My first bar is in a food court type setting. We have WiFi, but no outlets for the all-day laptop fest. My new bar is only 300sqft with no seating at all. It's almost like a knew the plaque was coming. The next one might be the place for encouraging community banter. No laptops allowed. Tables with chess/checker boards and maybe some card tables. Plenty of places for that other stuff. Not for me.


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There's a roastery/cafe near me with my favorite local coffee. Lots of laptops, lots of smart phones.

Then there's a local joint with comfy chairs, great little small-town vibe, everybody chatting away happily. The coffee is mediocre.

I mean, I go for the good coffee nearly every time, but if only...

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I'm with the OP in wishing that WiFi was not normal for cafes. My preferred routine for going to a cafe is to either read or chat while enjoying my drink. I'm usually there for around 30 minutes. Since wifi has become the norm, all of my favorite cafes are packed with workers camped out for hours while staring at there laptop screens. It's common that I can't find an available seat and it's not such a pleasant atmosphere when I can.

A year or two ago, a local cafe that I frequent disabled the wifi in an attempt to encourage conversation and discourage long laptop work sessions. From my perspective it was a great decision, but only ended up lasting for a couple of months. I can only assume that they saw a significant decline in business after cutting the wifi. It was nice while it lasted.