Minneapolis gathering 2021, July 31!

Talk about your favorite cafes, local barista events, or plan your own get-together.

#1: Post by MNate »

Hey all! Let's do another get-together this summer now that it's safe to congregate again. I'll host it outside at my house in Edina since we're still on the tail end of COVID- I'll bring out my DE1 and Compak F8 and anyone else could bring a grinder to try - rain or shine should be fine. OR if we want to bring a bunch of espresso machines together, Truemagellen said we can gather at his machine shop. Perhaps we'll save that for a colder month though and enjoy outside while we can, but I definitely want to get there sometime soon. It's a big enough space too.

Saturday, July 31
8a-10a shall we say? We can stay a bit later if we like for sure.
MNate's house in Edina near Braemar - PM me for address!

Coffee and format? If it's at my house with one machine I would vote for getting a 5# bag of something that might be interesting to try different profiles, grinders, etc. to dial it in to different flavors. Something that could handle the "four mothers" recipes John at Decent talks about (see post 163 here: Decent Espresso news) - but maybe not too expensive...

Thoughts? Interest? Coffee? Want to skip my place and do the Truemagellen's right away?

I know summer is busy for everyone, but we can do this again too!

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#2: Post by truemagellen »

Awesome yes I'm in for your place. I'll bring whatever machines people want but leaning towards Strietman ES3 and Ek43s.


#3: Post by Davidm »

Sounds great. Can bring another Decent and Monolith Flat if needed.

MNate (original poster)

#4: Post by MNate (original poster) »

Glad there will be a few of us.

I just ordered a 5# bag of the following from black and white roasters that was recommended over at the what's wowing you thread. It's something I would like to see how people dial in well.

https://www.blackwhiteroasters.com/coll ... co-natural

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#5: Post by nguye569 »

This sounds awesome. I don't think I've ever met anyone from MN, so I would love to come by. I also don't have a very refined palette, but would love to try stuff out.

Do we need pastries? I know a spot that makes a variety of croissants and can bring a bunch of flavors to try.


#6: Post by Davidm »

Wow, interesting coffee. Looking forward to trying it.

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#7: Post by nguye569 »

We still on for tomorrow morning?

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MNate (original poster)

#8: Post by MNate (original poster) » replying to nguye569 »

Absolutely. Hopefully the smoke will not be too unpleasant. Maybe I'll post a pic this afternoon of our setup.

Anyone else interested in joining us?


#9: Post by Davidm »

Excellent meetup. Thank you MNNate for hosting.

2 Decents, a strietman, robot, monolith flat, EK43, and plenty of coffee & pastries.

Every time I go to an event like this, I leave realizing that I need a lever.

MNate (original poster)

#10: Post by MNate (original poster) »

Yes, thanks. I really enjoyed it too. I come away realizing how much a good grinder makes dialing things in so much easier.

I think my neighbors thought we had some car club going...

My other thought is it's so much easier to talk about gear than beans. That's true on HB too.

Until next time!

Edit: not to imply my F8 was hard to adjust, it wasn't, but I sold it a week ago and have rather been missing it. The Monolith was a treat to use though, for sure.