Looking for Coffee Props in Chicago

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Hey all,

We are doing a coffee shoot in Chicago, and need some props. I currently live in Seattle, but can't lug my coffee toys with me at least not all of them. Here are things I am looking and happy to pick up/drop off and also pay for the rental cost for whole day. We will pick up on 8/26 after noon and return on 8/27 afternoon or evening.

Things I am looking for:

Coffee Grinder:One of these or equivalent:
- Niche
- Lagom P64
- Baratza Encore
- Fellow Ode

Coffee Filter Machines: one or all 3 or more:
- Hario 360 in glass
- Chemex
- French Press

Coffee Espresso Machines: One of these or equivalent:
- Rocket Appartamento
- Breville Barista Touch
- La Marzocoo Linea
- Prima

- Pourove kettle from Fellow or equivalent (black)
- Acacia pour-over scale or equivalent (either color is good)

Thanks so much!

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I have a Niche and some fairly photogenic gear not on your list. PM me if you're interested
Jim Schulman