Light Roast Espresso Tasting in Houston

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Hi, I am trying to figure out which espresso machine to buy and hence if I might be interested in light roast espresso's. Having only tried "traditional" espresso I am having a hard time determining what light roast would taste like. Additionally, as I have never owned an espresso machine I would not want my first experience with tasting a light roast to be bad when it might be something I really enjoy. Does anyone know of a coffee shop or other place in Houston that serves high quality light roast espresso?


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Your best option is a coffee bar that has a roaster in it or uses rotating beans from other roasters as these kind of shops will have two options for espresso. A classic medium roast for milk drinks and a second single origin (usually lighter) for smaller drinks or non milk drinks.

These won't be super light but that might be more up your alley.

A couple of good places are
- FIX coffeebar
- Tenfolds
- Catalina

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Great, thanks for the suggestions @sambuist, I will check them out.

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It might depend on how you consume espresso, but I would think a pourover method and a coffee selection considered light could answer that question fairly well for you.

If you try a spot and you don't like the 'lighter' espresso they offer try it as pourover too. If you are used to more bitter or chocolate than light and acidic there's some palate adjustment that could take place before you enjoy the lighter coffees. If you are unsure but taste one you think you like, drink it as pourover at home.

Years ago at Catalina, the HasBean they had was so chalky. I've thought it was pulled poorly, but I had not had much light roast espresso up to then. But that experience did not keep me away from light roast espresso.
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Thank you @Chert for the pour over suggestion. My Niche Zero arrives Thursday so I will order some light roasts and try them out that way.