LeverCraft cafe closes.

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#1: Post by Chert »

The instagram post describes the closure of the cafe and continued coffee related business.

The photo includes "Please Call Again" and I hope Eric finds someone to re-open that lovely refurbed Sparta for some sort of business. Thus I will write it but not put it in the subject line, hoping such a cool cafe effort sees another light, perhaps post pandemic. R. I. P. Levercraft Cafe.

The story is preserved in the pages of Sprudge:
https://sprudge.com/build-outs-of-summe ... 48008.html

And one, similar, more local to me that got away:
https://sprudge.com/build-outs-summer-s ... 57754.html
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#2: Post by baldheadracing »

Just to clarify:
LeverCraft Coffee isn't going anywhere, and we will be refocusing our efforts to provide excellent beans, tools, and education to our Community.
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#3: Post by Auctor »

I read on Kafatek forums that the grinder scheduled for Fall delivery wouldn't be shipped and that orders were being refunded. Does anyone know if the grinder is the only "tool" that was cancelled?

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#4: Post by Jeff »

For those that have questions, I'd reach out to Eric through the means given on the LeverCraft website.

Too many rumors right now to not go to the source, if you have a pressing question. I can only imagine how stressful a situation he's in right now.

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#5: Post by Auctor »

That's a fair point, Jeff. That said, this thread might be helpful in creating a place where the community can share what it knows. To your point on Eric's current challenges, I'm not sure if pointing the community directly to him for questions makes his life any easier.


#6: Post by BlueWater »

Sad news. I wish Eric all the best.

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#7: Post by Ken5 »

Very sorry to hear the news, I bought something from him and it was a very pleasant experience, and I use the tool every day. :(


#8: Post by walr00s »

Eric introduced me to these forums. He seems to be the kind of person that genuinely wants to share his passion for coffee with whoever is interested. I am very saddened to learn that he won't be doing that through the shop any more.

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#9: Post by rhtrevino »

Eric is definitely a solid guy. I sold him a piece of equipment early on when he opened up the cafe then got to stop by on a business trip to Austin. I introduced myself and we talked for quite a bit. I bought a jar of his roasted coffee and he ended up sending me home with another jar and several pounds of green coffee on the house and I still use those jars to store some of my home roast today.

Best of luck Eric!


#10: Post by NicoNYC »

Sorry to hear this. I followed his posts on renovating a travel trailer into a coffee shop and it's clear how passionate he was about the project and coffee in general.
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