Klatch Pasadena... don't go for fresh coffee [Updated: go on Wednesdays!]

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#1: Post by beer&mathematics »

I was pretty exited when I learned that Klatch opened a new store in Pasadena (it is basically Alhambra/San Marino...but I guess it's technically Pasadena).

However, I was mostly interested in buying coffee local and not having to waste resources in shipping to my home. Well, since they opened (labor day weekend) I've gone about 5-6 times to buy coffee and they never had anything I was looking for, or fresh beans*.

*I'm told that they get new beans on Wednesdays and I usually go there on a Friday and I've never seen a bag from the same week--only stuff roasted 8+ days ago (that was the freshest I saw, alot of blends were even longer post roast). 7 days is ok for espresso since it needs to rest anyways (and I freeze my beans since don't consume fast enough).

Also, I found it interesting that the barista said they wont get too much of the "good stuff"--geishas or Elida--because they are not selling enough. His words were that Klatch told them they need to "sell more". Thought that was interesting.

Wondering if anyone goes more often and does see the "good stuff".

Update: I keep going back and they are getting more of the good stuff. If you really want to make sure you get what you want just go on Wednesdays.
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#2: Post by TomC »

I'd bear with them. Just the idea of expanding during these times is a challenge. You shouldn't have to bend someone's ear too much to get the idea across of what you'd like to get. But, I'd imagine a simple request to anyone in charge, by a new, familiar face would trigger some sort of assistance in getting the customer what they're requesting.

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beer&mathematics (original poster)

#3: Post by beer&mathematics (original poster) »

Hi Tom,

Totally agree, and I don't complain to them since I know it's tough, but I thought I'd post my experiences to set expectations.

In fact, I just ordered from Klatch last Sunday. Wish I could buy in person to reduce pollution, but what yah gonna do?
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#4: Post by chipman »

Complaining directly to them would bring more results than posting here. The only thing your comment could do is possibly hurt their business. You are doing them no favors by not mentioning your "complaint " directly to them.

I suggest calling their main office to voice your concerns, rather than the Barista who probably forgot your comment the moment you left.

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#5: Post by jtbenson »

gotta agree with chipman here.
take the complaint to the source (management) and allow them the opportunity to wow you with special service before taking it to the 'net.
i faced a similar situation when i lived in chicago. great little (emphasis on little) natural grocer right across the street stocked intelligentsia, dark matter, metropolis, etc. fresh beans, which saved me making multiple trips elsewhere to purchase. small variety, but they got that small variety delivered once a week, so usually very fresh off roast. sometimes things sat on the shelf a bit too long but i never saw anything older than two weeks (which most wouldn't notice or mind to be honest).
i asked the manager/owner once about getting a specific bean one-off order for me from dark matter on her next order. she replied "sure, is there anything else in particular you want from anywhere else?" well, now that you mention it, yeah, and so i gave her a shortlist of "my" preferences from each roaster. next week when i stopped in, she pulled out a box from under the counter and said take your picks. then she put the rest out in general stock. "same next week?" sure thing, thank you!
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beer&mathematics (original poster)

#6: Post by beer&mathematics (original poster) »

I didn't mean to come of as "complaining". I did have a spout of grumpiness so my bad all. I like Klatch a lot so I'm not trying to put them down.

I suppose the main point was to correctly calibrate my expectations. Seems like it is still difficult to buy fresh coffee at shops. I agree that due to Covid that maybe they don't have regular delivery to their new shop.

Still will support them, so I encourage others to do the same. I'll just keep buying my beans online.
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#7: Post by bcrdukes »

While I can't chime in directly to this thread, I have had positive response when raising concerns to Klatch / Mike directly via e-mail. The unfortunate part is I am not in LA when I get the response (not their fault) and also unable for them to follow up properly in a timely manner when I return, often every quarter. To be fair, Mike @ Klatch has taken my feedback seriously.

The only thing he can't fix are the college kids who hang out at his San Dimas location. I dread going there sometimes, but it's the closest one to me when I'm out that way visiting family. :mrgreen:
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