Is there good coffee by Old Orchard?

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Hey Chicagoans?

Is there any good specialty coffee shop by the Old Orchard mall? I'm in town for the next couple of days. Would sure appreciate some tips.

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Headed towards downtown today and are at Metropolis on Granville, after getting our Ann Sather's fix.

Still would love recommendations for tomorrow and Sunday.

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Hey! Well, it's not close to that mall, but is Sparrow Coffee in Naperville on your radar? I've always wanted to go. It opened after my wife and I moved away from Chicago. I think there's a downtown pick-up option as well (or there used to be--not sure).

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Here's my best guess (I was born and raised in that area but haven't been back for a few years:) Old Orchard and environs are a Starbucks/Nespresso kind of place. Google specialty coffee in Evanston and see if anything interesting pops up.

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Naperville is pretty darn far.

Yeah Evanston is a good bet, but it was pretty out of the way for our Sunday and Monday plans.

We're back home now. Thanks anyhow.