Interested in San Francisco / Oakland get-together?

Talk about your favorite cafes, local barista events, or plan your own get-together.
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#1: Post by TenLayers »

I'm not a good organizer, so if someone else wants to take that on, the offering of the space is easy. I host house concerts every now and then so I love to open the place up for good people.
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#2: Post by JokerJacket »

Whoa, this looks like a perfect space! Let's get something planned.

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TenLayers (original poster)
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#3: Post by TenLayers (original poster) »

Well, whoever wants to take charge, just message me and we can get it to happen.


#4: Post by JokerJacket »

Should we settle on a date first in this thread and then also availability of folks. I could also set up a poll. Then we can take the conversation to PM and email.

TenLayers (original poster)
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#5: Post by TenLayers (original poster) »

As far as I go. My space is a working commercial photography studio so I can schedule anything anytime, I just need to have it on the books to keep it open. November is pretty open except for Thanksgiving of course and Nov 2nd and the 15th. In my world, there's no such concept as week/weekend. It's all just one big idea of time. Or December. October is pretty booked up.

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#6: Post by MB »

I am interested. A Saturday or Sunday is best for me. I suggest we move this to another thread [edit - I see it's been done now], so those that might be interested won't miss it (especially if they already saw this thread and/or have no interest in the Festival).
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#7: Post by Chabeau »

I'm interested as well. Just moved to the Bay Area and would love to meet some fellow enthusiasts. Weekends work best for me but I do work the occasional weekend.
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#8: Post by yakster »

Sounds interesting. I'll throw out Saturday November 16th or 23rd leaving out the 9th due to the holiday on the 11th.

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TenLayers (original poster)
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#9: Post by TenLayers (original poster) »

Either of those dates would be good. The 15th, there's an animation film showing in conjunction with SFMOMA in my space so it would be all cleaned up for y'alls on the 16th. 23rd would be excellent as well


#10: Post by JokerJacket »

Either of those dates work for me as well.