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liquidmetal wrote:Out of this world. John Buckman described it as a "Coffee Computer" and I'd have to say, that its pretty accurate. The features and all that on this machine are just out of this world, especially coming from the e61 world. How's Lucca treating you?
Can't wait to hopefully see it in action at the next one of these. Sounds like we are both very happy. After getting down the paddle learning curve (reading a Slayer manual helped a lot as a conceptual overview) it's consistently producing great shots, and married with the right beans some of the best I've ever tasted.

I just got some custom woodwork done from cannonfodder to dress it up a little.
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Ahhhhhh I'm so happy it got the hardwood treatment! Glad you're loving it! Thanks for the link to the pics

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I'm so sorry to have missed this - new to the espresso scene and new (ish) to the Bay area as well. Please let me know next time you have one! Also a lever fan.

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Just keep an eye on this forum about once a week. The idea will gestate here first, at least a month or two before the event itself. :)
- John

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Another late comer (and h-b newbie) here feelin sorry to have missed this. Is there a way to set up alerts for this thread to catch the next one?



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You can click subscribe at the top.


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Wow can't believe I'm seeing this for the first time. Can't wait for this to happen again.