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Have you exhaustively explored the local cafes? If you posted 10 years ago I would have agreed that the landscape was for coffee was sparse. Fast forward to now and there are so many options in DFW that I feel like I can grab a decent cup without traveling too far. We even have a couple that are pretty darn good.

Don't let me talk you out of your dream though. There is always room for another shop, especially if you put out a good product.

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This is a 5 month old thread and OP hasn't returned in several months. I don't know if they're still following this discussion.
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Hopefully they are too busy serving customers in their new cafe...


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I really have nothing constructive to offer. I like coffee shops. I less enthusiastic about "counterculture" people that frequent them. Regular people just don't hang out at coffee shops, the only time they have is a Saturday morning. A lot of these people are marginally employed or students, in my experience.

Of course that jives with many of these places are located near universities. Or trendy artsy districts. That's where there's enough of a concentration of clientele to keep them in business.

Coffee shops tend to come and go. I don't see many owners getting rich. Not too many fancy cars parked in back. I think it sounds like fun when it's something you enjoy but I think it's tough to survive, much less make a good living at. Perhaps trendy places can charge exorbitant prices. I personally don't buy that many $5 cups of coffee.