Honduras Origin Trip - January 2020

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I am helping organize a trip to the San Lazaro coffee farm in Southern Honduras. Dates are January 16 - 20 and the cost is $700 plus airfare.

A little about this farm. In late 2010, I began reading/learning about home roasting. Spent a lot of time on Sweet Maria's site and watching youtube videos. I visited Honduras in 2011 while on a church mission trip. The organization we worked with, Mission Lazarus, put us up on a 2,300 acre ranch they owned. The first morning, at breakfast, I was treated to one of the best cups of coffee I had experienced. I asked about it and was informed that the coffee was grown on the mountain across the valley and had recently been purchased by Mission Lazarus. They allowed me to bring a few pounds of green home and I began roasting at home.

Since then, our church has visited Mission Lazarus every summer and most of our work has been around the farm. In 2013, we purchased 20,000 caturra plants and delivered them to the farm. We helped expand their drying patio (twice), built a farm house and put up fencing. This farm is near and dear to me. It's run so much differently than other farms in the region. Workers are paid 25% above fair trade, treated with respect, have access to medical care and the farm manager happens to be female (which sent shockwaves throughout the area).

Early on, the coffee was good... borderline specialty grade. Each year, things have improved. Processing is better. Quality control is tighter. The variety is better (replacing Robusta - Lempira with Caturra). The farm is 1,500 masl plus. Shade grown. Organic and currently growing Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon and a little Lempira.

We hope that an origin trip will draw more attention to the farm and ultimately help them be more successful. Experience the farm during harvest, stay on the farm and assist with picking, processing and tasting.

A link to the site with details and payment information is here. https://www.sanlazarocoffee.com/origins-2020