Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Heading to Halifax, Nova Scotia in a few days. Any recommendations for good coffee shops?

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Espresso 46. Classic Italian shots.

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Thanks for the tip. Stopped off there this morning. Great little place and the kind of coffee shop/space I would love to duplicate, if I were ever to start my own shop. No frills and all about the coffee. I had a Capp that was really good. Definitely an Italian style comfort coffee. I followed that with an Americano. I don't drink shots, so I thought an Americano would give me a better idea of the coffee than a Capp. However, that was very disappointing. Weak and watery. It was a small Americano, so it wouldn't have been the dilution that was the problem. The baristas did change over between the drinks and the second one had only made one drink before my Americano. Perhaps that was the problem. Maybe he still had to get into the rhythm. Regardless, I did walk away a bag of one of their blends, roasted a few days ago. Looking forward to getting home and trying it.

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It's defintly classic Italian style. I only drink straight shots and I rarely drink any coffee that isn't made in my kitchen. They started their own roastery a year or so ago. Again, classic medium dark Italian style from the two I tried.

There is a new spot downtown call Apartment 3 or something like that. I haven't had the coffee but the owner did tell me they have a brand new Slayer and a Mahlkonig e80 grinder (I think I remembered that right). Might be worth a visit.