Great decaf coffee in SF Bay Area (or available online)

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#1: Post by krby »

Just watched the James Hoffmann video on decaf and I'm looking for recommendations for great decaf beans from places either local to the mean (SF Bay Area in California) or that I can order online. I'm looking specifically for something I'll turn in an espresso or a cappuccino.

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#2: Post by Jeff »

The most enjoyable decaf beans I've had have been Ethyl Acetate process ("EA" or "sugarcane").

The El Paraiso that I've had from Hatch and Hydrangea have both been very good. They may be lighter than you prefer for espresso. I know Bill of Hydrangea as an acquaintance, but have no financial interest in the business. Well, past spending a lot of money there.

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#3: Post by jpender »

Ritual makes good decaf. I bought decaf from them once by accident and didn't notice until most of the way through the bag.

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#4: Post by bostonbuzz »

I brew Santa Cruz local Cat & Cloud and Verve decaf. Both pull very easily on espresso. I'd recommend the Cat & Cloud as it's a bit lighter.
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#5: Post by another_jim »

The recommendations by previous posters are good, especially if you know what you like in caffeinated coffees. Another possibilty is to order the decaf offerings from your favorite regular roasters. These are likely to be in the same style as the coffees you like.
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#6: Post by Coffeechiro »

I have tried many different decaf beans: Sey, Verve, cafe lusso, onyx, and my favorite is Saka decaf. It tastes just as good as the regular Saka beans.
My second best is George Howell's Jardin espresso decaf. I buy both by the kilo.

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#7: Post by krby (original poster) »

Thanks to all for the suggestions!

I'm new to home espresso, coming from years of a Nespresso machine at home, so I'm still figuring out what we like w.r.t roast and region. Looking forward to my gear arriving so I can get started.

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#8: Post by gritts »

I'm fairly certain that Souvenir (which is local to you) has decaf - I like them quite a bit!

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#9: Post by drgary »

I would also check out the Mr. Espresso offerings. They roast in Oakland and have cafes there and in SF. Scroll to find decaf options.

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#10: Post by alxndr »

I really enjoyed decaf from Mother Tongue! They have a cafe in north Oakland and bags of beans for sale.