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Interested if anyone has recommendations for cafes in Gothenburg - particularly in the Johanneberg/Chalmers university area.


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I visited for work a few years back. One place I stopped at for coffee was in this boutique hotel. The coffee was pretty good, but I made a note that I'd stay in that hotel next time. The location was good, the people were incredibly friendly, and the hotel was so cool - even had its own little library. Now I can't find it online. I want to say it was called mornington or something like that, but maybe it's gone? Sorry for no help.

The town is great. My favorite episode was this woman on the street just handing out yogurt every day. Because maybe you didn't have time to get breakfast? Anyway, enjoy your visit.

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Quick update for googlers and those otherwise interested:

Viktor's cafe and A43 were both extremely good. Viktor's serving espresso from Cafe by Morgon. Tried a few places in CPH on my way in and out, and was pleasantly surprised. Not as good as the nice cafes in Gothenburg, but the best airport coffee that I've had, and from 3-4 different places.

Park Lane Elite hotel had some of the worst drip coffee I've ever had (otherwise a rather nice hotel). I think this was the fist time that I've had to abandon a coffee that I wanted to drink since a similarly appalling experience in a 7-11 in LA (K-town) 10 years or so ago...