Good espresso/barista in Los Angeles?

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#1: Post by Ruben »

I'm a newbie and would like to know the taste of good espresso. Where can I go in Los Angeles area to have a good espresso? Do you know of any good barista here in LA?

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#2: Post by jgood »

I would recommend Caffe Luxxe. They have a few locations in Santa Monica, Brentwood, and few other places. For dark roasted beans, the Montenaro beans they sell are very good. They tend to pull pretty dark shots at the caffe, so I would have something with a little milk in it like a macchiato, or a short cappuccino.

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Thanks! I will definitely try that one.

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I usually get my beans from a place in San Gabriel called Fresh Roast. Have anyone tried his espresso beans? I pay $13 per pound. I think he roasts daily.

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#5: Post by JB90068 »

I always go to Andante on Beverly Blvd. and buy my beans from them. They roast a medium espresso blend that is my favorite.
Old baristas never die. They just become over extracted.

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Thanks, one more to my list.

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#7: Post by cafeIKE »

Negatory on Luxxe unless you like burnt.
Also can be very inconsistent.

The A-#1 best spot 5 years ago was Stumptown downtown.
Most consistent of any of the dozens I visited when I lived in LaLa Land.

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I recommend Cafe Demitasse on 3rd and Wilshire in Santa Monica.
If you have little one, get them decaf affogato 8)

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#9: Post by hudsterboy »

When I lived in LA 11 years ago there were only a handful of places to get great espresso. I used to go to Intelligentsia and Lamill, in Silverlake. Jones coffee roasters in Pasadena. Klatch out in the Inland Empire. I've been back and it seems like coffee has exploded. Espresso bars all over the place, but I don't know know how good they are. I believe all the ones I mentioned are still there and I imagine still terrific, and other than Intelli are all local.
btw, do you really have a rancilio s24?

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Thanks for the recommendations! I've been to Jones and Inteligentia before. I'm curious about How a good espresso tastes. To me it is mind boggling when I see videos online of expert baristas and the effort they put to make a good espresso. Years ago I tried to learn, but finally gave up, so many variables and it is hard to be consistent. Besides, I'm not too picky with coffee, I tend to be satisfied with most espresso I make. I own a Rancilio S24. I bought it used about 6 years ago. It was made in the early 2000's. I sold my Gaggia classic to buy the Rancilio. There is one in auction at eBay right now that looks exactly like mine.