Good Day Sacramento Returns For Another TV Spot About My Other Aromatic Business

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#1: Post by doubleOsoul »

This is not specifically related to coffee but is as aromatic as coffee so I thought I'd post as a side interest here.

I was really happy when TomC posted about his aromatic field trip in Berkeley a few years back. Coffee is as much of my aromatic landscape as are oils and resins in my apothecary are and I've been knee deep in both for a few decades or more. I thought some may be interested in what my other day job is and the morning show, Good Day Sacramento wanted to come back to feature it right after our coffee segment last week. They will be returning tomorrow July 21 from 8:30 - 9 am to do a segment about our apothecary. I've been collecting vintage essential oils for about 20 years and carry Sandalwood essential oil from 1958 plus we have Civet, Ambergris and Musk grains so while it will be a quick segment, it might be interesting for some here to check it out. So, please do!

It will be live on their website tomorrow:

Once that it's available for us in a couple of days, we'll have it on our website for later viewing:

More can be viewed on our Etsy shop:


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#2: Post by TenLayers »

Super cool! I see you carry barrel aged oils. Will order something from you.

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doubleOsoul (original poster)
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#3: Post by doubleOsoul (original poster) » replying to TenLayers »

I do!

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#4: Post by TenLayers »

Really like how personal you make each write up of your products. You put you in everything you sell.

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#5: Post by MB »

One of the most fun people I have met in coffee. We NEED another Cher museum coffee get together! :lol:
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