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Years ago there was this thread the format of which was city and state and cafe that made a positive impression in one's travels.

I had a reason to leave town again and want to shout out a few more.

If anyone else wants to contribute, don't hesitate. As far as I'm concerned, anywhere in the world it's nice to know where an intentional and tasty cup of coffee can be found. And folks who post on HB should have a decent clout.

Salt Lake City, Utah: Caffe d'Bolla. I had the pleasure of speaking to the owner and appreciated a coffee of Kenya developed for espresso. KvdW Spirit espresso machine.

Santa Fe, New Mexico: Iconik. Besides tasty coffee, the Lena Street location has the only table I can recall made from a repurposed bowling lane and nice sound system for lingering customers, while the Guadalupe street location can put you in an outdoor seating arrangement that is gorgeous.

Albuquerque, New Mexico. I was considering Michael Thomas or Cutbow, but on a tip form an employee of Bow & Arrow brewing I went over to the nearby Slow Burn cafe. I was not disappointed with the light roasted espresso and highly approve their venue they rent from the architect who owns the building and renovated it to very nice effect.

Salt Lake City, Utah: Blue Copper and their second cafe Blue Copper 2000. In my travels this was one of the more convenient stops off a major interstate (the BC2K) location that provided a delicious espresso for in house and a thermos (house blend) for the road. ("Top up that 16 oz thermos please, barista" as such still tasty for the mid day coffee 4 hours and 250 miles later!)
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