Good Cafes/Roasters in Houston for 2023

Talk about your favorite cafes, local barista events, or plan your own get-together.
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Hi Houstonians!

I'm heading to Houston in March for a friend's wedding. I'll have the better part of a day on my own, so I was planning on making a list of good cafes/roasters in Houston and do some espresso hopping. When I go to a city, I sometimes like to plan my itinerary around the good cafes/roasters to get a sense of the coffee culture in that city.

Does anyone have any recommendations for places to try? I'll be staying in the Medical Center/Museum District, if that makes sense to describe it that way, and I'll have a car.

Thanks in advance!

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Not too many folks in Houston I guess. I'll try to do some lifting myself.

I did a bit of poking around, and came up with this list:

Luce Coffee Roasters
Tenfold Coffee
Boomtown Coffee
Amaya Coffee
Xela Roasters
Blacksmith Houston
Blendin Coffee Club

Does anyone know anything about these, have thoughts about them, or have anything to say about others?

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I went to Giant Leap Coffee a few times on my last trip and bought a bag of Amaya coffee from them. Really quite good and a nice vibe.
Report back! I go to Houston now and then and my pre-COVID favorite didn't make it.

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Here's one I went to 13 years ago:

Is Greenway still kicking?
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Cool. In exploring, it seems that Amaya is a big supplier for other smaller cafes in the area.

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Idk if you already went to Houston, but I live here and here are my thoughts on some of the places mentioned:

Amaya - this is one of my favorite local roasters and they supply many cafes in the area. They roast a lot of single origin coffees directly from farmers and also have a nice espresso blend for milk beverages. Of the cafes that carry Amaya, Catalina is my favorite and Siphon is also very good.

Greenway - this is probably the second largest of the local roasters. Their coffees are more traditional, and they roast a lot of blends that taste really great in espresso and milk drinks. Blacksmith is a great cafe that carries Greenway coffee and has great food options too.

Blendin Coffee Club - if you are a coffee geek or enjoy experimental processing methods like anaerobic fermentation, this is the one to go to. If you also prefer filter coffees, I'd give them a shot. It is pricier, but they have a unique selection of coffees.

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Many thanks! I'm actually headed there this weekend, so this is very useful guidance!

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BlendIn Coffee Club is my favorite by far.

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I have only had experience with two roasters in Houston.

A few years ago I stopped by Greenway had a coffee and picked up a bag of light roast south American beans which I used with aeropress. It was fine but for the price and the drive half way across the city I wasn't compelled to go back.

Last year I stopped by Katz Coffee roaster location. Kinda unique in that all the coffe drinks are free. I had a flat white and bought a bag of one of their medium blends. Again the flavor notes in the coffees I tried didn't suit me. Further this location is a long drive and only open business hours on weekdays so not a place I could frequent often.

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Forgot one cafe I went to recently called Verbena. I had an espresso there that I really enjoyed. The cafe used locally roasted beans but I'm not sure if they roasted them or were using another local roaster.