Friday mornings at Counter Culture Coffee HQ in Durham, NC

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Coffee lovers and home baristas local to the Triangle have cause to celebrate! Counter Culture Coffee has moved their Durham roastery to a new location and it includes a much larger and better equipped training center.

Public cuppings are held as usual at 10AM on Fridays; the espresso fans get together around 8AM and most of us clear out by 9AM. Sometimes I will arrive as early as 7:30AM if there's a test planned. There's no need to RVSP; just show up. But if you have questions or are wondering about what's planned, feel free to e-mail me.

Website: Counter Culture Coffee - Durham training center
Location: 812 Mallard Avenue, Durham, NC

The new location is a former warehouse/shipping depot; it has an unmistakable industrial look.

Parking is right next to the tower. Walk along the side and you're greeted by a brick-faced public entrance (don't use the loading dock entrance as I did the first time):

To the left of the reception area is the training center. I was able to catch Brett Smith walking by:

The training area is divided into several sections. The main area has informal stadium seats and a large brew bar:

There are two U-shaped bars dedicated to espresso preparation:

There's a third consumer area for testing and demonstrating equipment (not shown) and another area for testing all sorts of equipment. In the photo below, the ModBar and other brew equipment are setup for testing and evaluation:

As usual, Jesse Gordon was our host. He pulled single origin espressos and made cappuccinos on request. I sure did miss him!

Of course, let's not forget the business end of the location that pays for all the cool gear in the training center:

Below is a photo of the entrance into the gated area. Were it not for the huge sign, there's no way I would have known Counter Culture Coffee HQ was located here as it's the only sign visible from the road:

To better orient yourself, here's a photo looking down Neville Street; the entrance gate (not in photo) is to the immediate right:

Since Highway 147 is under construction, I went up Highway 55 and continued to Alston Avenue, then turned at Gilbert Street; the gated entrance is located at the next right onto Neville Street. Needless to say, there's tons of parking onsite.

PS: For those who are curious, see Friday mornings at Counter Culture Coffee in Durham, NC for stories about the previous location on Alston Avenue.
Dan Kehn

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Team HB

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So are are the big holding tanks in front where they steep the cold brew?

Nice looking shop, have to get down your way some day.
Dave Stephens


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Ha...the things one doesn't know. Once summer hits I am certainly headed up for some Friday's....but I did not realize you are in nc. Wow. Hopefully I will get to meet you there this summer.
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#4: Post by beta14ok »

Great post Dan!

I miss y'all on Fridays!

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So that's where my coffee comes from every week, interesting. Is Jesse the guy in red? I always deal with a guy named Jesse over email and phone.

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HB (original poster)

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Yes, that's Jesse Gordon, Counter Culture Coffee's customer service rep and espresso ambassador. Here's a better photo of him from Vesuvius Espresso Machine Review:

Dan Kehn

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HB (original poster)

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Tomorrow the Sette will go against the Mahlkonig K30 in a blind group taste test. If you're local to the Triangle, you are welcome to join us at Counter Culture Coffee HQ. The tasting will begin around 8AM.
Dan Kehn

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For those of us that are over 1000 miles away, or non local, any comments from the taste test? Inquiring minds :).....

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HB (original poster)

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I've posted the group taste test results in Baratza Sette 270 Review:

Jesse was busy on the La Marzocco PB!

Since this was a prototype model, we may hold another group taste test when the Sette is in final production.
Dan Kehn


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Hi Dan,

My name is James and I'm in the Raleigh area looking to learn about coffee.

Is there a meet planned for coming Friday at CCC?