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swjeon wrote:Hi Dan,

My name is James and I'm in the Raleigh area looking to learn about coffee.

Is there a meet planned for coming Friday at CCC?
+1, or at least soon
Yes, i you per this on an iPhone

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swjeon wrote:Is there a meet planned for coming Friday at CCC?
Sometimes it's canceled due to a company meeting or similar, but I've heard nothing from Jesse, so I assume it's on. The espresso fans get together around 8AM and most of us clear out by 9AM. There's no need to RVSP; just show up. The public cuppings are held 10AM.
Dan Kehn

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Any idea if it's on for this Friday? I tried contacting Jesse, but haven't heard back from him


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Still on for this Friday, yep!


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I'm in town at the in-laws' house in Pinehurst so I'll drive up for this Friday's tasting (July 1st).

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Whoops. Nathan mentioned that they don't have coverage for the espresso get-together this Friday. I think the 10AM cupping is still on, however.
Dan Kehn


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Shucks, I've been looking forward to this for weeks! :( I have some other appointments so I'll still be in Durham. If anyone wants to get together at a local cafe for a shot or two drop me a PM.

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Stopped in on 8/5. Matt took us through the production area. Jesse made us Fast Forward several ways. Dan was on hand to discuss all aspects of the coffee industry. Surprisingly, Paul from Blazing Bean Roaster was there from Clearwater Fl, just down the road from where we live. Very nice Friday morning. Can highly recommend anyone passing through the area on Friday to stop in.


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Just checking in to see if CCC is on for this Friday. I'm travelling in Raleigh and can swing by.


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Sorry Paul, missed your prior message. :?

For those local to the RTP area, you're invited to swing by this Friday for a group taste test of the Profitec Pro 800 versus their La Marzocco Linea PB. I'll arrive early to dial in and tasting will likely start around 8AM.
Dan Kehn