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GC7 wrote:Box Kite COffee on West 72nd St uses Sey coffees very often and their shots are among the best I have ever tried. The blend for cappuccinos is also balanced and as sweet as can be. That is one place where I've admitted they do better than I do at home.

Yea Boxkite serves Sey, Passenger and Regalia(Regalia mostly for milk drinks since its darker roasted then the other 2). Even their batch brew is constantly mind blowing. A true treat.

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The biggest takeaway from this article wasn't "whose favorite shop was left out." It was how widely dispersed across America good coffee experiences are. This was almost unthinkable 10 years ago.
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LMWDP #581 .......... May your roasts, grinds, and pulls be the best!


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culturesub wrote: Anytime Sey comes up, you repeat the same nonsense. Parlor is fine, Regalia is fine, Gotham is literally bad. None of them are on the same level as Sey. You claim to like light roasts but keep discussing roasters who strictly are American medium roasters. You are saying Coffee Project has better pour overs yet they use a baratza encore to make their pour overs. Basically, it just seems like you had a bad experience there once and your feelings are hurt, because I've seen you say the literal exact same things on multiple message boards.

The proofs in the pudding- blind cup coffee from Sey, Regalia, Parlor, Gotham and see which ones best. I guarantee you Sey will grade the highest, which is why you see it at so many top coffee shops in the world.
Good for you, just a correction, Coffee Project uses an hyper-aligned EK43 for their pour-overs, Im not sure if you have been to their shop... Their espresso machine is a 2 group Syneso Hydra, for grinders they use mostly Mahlkönig, Peak and they have a big Robur and two EK43's. Its the only multi-roaster shop in NYC that Im aware of that imports light roasted Scandinavian (mostly Norwegian) beans and stocks Cup of Excellence beans as well as Elida and La Palma y el Tucán offerings. But whatever, if you prefer machine made pour-overs for $9, keep going to SEY.
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The EV location, at least, absolutely uses a Baratza encore or virtuouso. I took a quick look at yelp for their pour over station and this is the best photo I can find, but you can easily see the baratza sitting there. Maybe it's changed in the last 3-6 months, maybe the BK location is different, but any shop who for multiple years sold pour overs with a Baratza Encore or Virtuoso is no bueno.

Also, Both SEY and Passenger roast in the Scandinavian style, and better then most Scandinavian roasters do. Coffee Project mostly sells roasters who roast in much darker styles however.

As far as Seys pour overs, most are not 9 dollars even if you paid 9 dollars for one at some point. And I'm not sure why a machine is bad? What about human inconsistency is better then a well calibrated and dialed in sp9? ... tent=photo


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guydebord wrote:As a New Yorker, having SEY in the top makes sense for these kind of journalists. Its certainly one of the trendiest cafes in an ultra-hipster neighborhood and the place (without people) has a nice atmosphere. Their beans are good, they know how to toast light and I actually have enjoyed many of them (Francisco Valencia, Cup of Excellence from Mexico was one of the most memorable). However, SEY has another face besides being a great roaster, which tells me most of these journalists don't know much about coffee, as Im certain they judge while asking for vegan-milk-substitute sweetened coffee drinks, because if you want to have a great espresso or pour-over they will disappoint you as they have disappointed me countless times. Their espressos are ok but not at the level for which they charge, the same goes for their $9 pour-overs, made by machines which are more helpful than their pedantic human baristas.

NYC has better roasters (Parlor, Regalia, Gotham, etc) and certainly much better espressos and pour-overs (coffee project, devocion, integral, etc.) and way friendlier atmospheres. If what you want is hype, take the L train to Bushwick's SEY, because that is exactly what you will get.
I only visited once in early September, but I was honestly a bit underwhelmed by the coffee I was served (I had both an espresso and pour over, the espresso was average to good, I was more disappointed in the pour over). I had a mind-blowing espresso from Devocion, and an excellent one from Underline.


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Which is fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I personally think Devocion is mostly pretty bad and their entire approach to coffee is one I hate on many levels, and actually think it's bad for coffee and the supply chain.

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Obviously a deeply flawed list since my coffee bar is not on it.


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shotwell wrote:I'll make a list for you, but it's always in flux. When is your visit? I'll take a pass back through when I return from vacation if I get back early enough.
I'd also be interested in your list! I'm from Cincy, but don't get out to coffee shops often enough to have found anywhere that tops Collective.

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I gathered from the article that the reviewers were not focused on the drinks but on the shop. I don't know how they came to the conclusion about SEY but my first impression when I went to their site was, "They must be doing something right with the confidence that their coffee selection was only four coffees." I have purchased many bags of coffee online but I can tell you without a doubt that the Ethiopia Washed Landrace has been one of the top three coffees I have ever had in my life. The roast was done to perfection. God Shots are rare for me and my second shot was a real eye opener with exceptional body and a creaminess, sweetness and clarity that got my attention the second it hit my tongue. If all coffee tasted just like this!!!17

I used my Londinium R and Monolith Max grinder. 17 grams in/ 30 grams out with Max set at .055 grind set.

I had a conversation with Lance Schnorenberg, one of the Co-Founders of Sey Coffee about what I experienced and asked for a recommendation for more of their beans. I can tell by the enthusiasm he expressed that they are real fanatics on the selection of coffees, the grower, roasting and testing. I am going to order more of the Landrace, the Finca Bitalina and a blend called Mas Morenos.

I am convinced that SEY earned this award.