Flying X Coffee & other gems in SE Washington

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There is a small strip mall across from the Kennewick, WA Costco on Gage that has hosted intentional coffee spots for a number of years now. The Local was there first and they mostly featured Victrola coffee roasters. In 2022 I believe, Indaba, which started in Spokane quite a while back now, expanded and bought the Local so it became Indaba. (They also had an account in Sunnyside and opened a location in Yakima). However Sept 2023 saw it change hands again as the owner of Flying X coffee purchased it. Flying X had a location in Richland, but that very nice build out, featuring Heart roasters and a gorgeous two group Slayer, had the unfortunate timing of road closure the week they opened. A lucrative drive-up window saw little retail for months due to that. I was sad to see it go in 2018 or whenever it closed. (That being said, the Endive Eatery, now in that location is a tasty eatery, appealing to a variety of tastes and tasty beverages as well on offer)

If you find yourself in Kennewick and want tasty coffee, I recommend Flying X Coffee. I'll be back when I am in that part of the state, to enjoyr more. I stopped in on Thursday for my first taste since it changed hands. Onyx Long Miles project Burundi natural espresso the friendly Barista pulled was delicious and I look forward to trying the other coffees as they move forward. Indaba is still served there, but they are branching out with to my knowledge the only shop around to carry Onyx coffee.

If you are in the area and have coffee shops to recommend, please add to this thread.

Others I visit occasionally and I know deserve shouts out are Carte in Walla Walla and Catalyst in Yakima.
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Thanks. Replying so I have a record. We make an annual trip to Walla Walla to visit some of our wine clubs and my wife makes me take her to Starbucks, not my taste even if it is usually walking distance from where we stay and Carte is within a block and also a short walk it appears.

We drive by Yakima on the way so Catalyst could be a welcome spot and also pass by Tri-Cities so we can visit Flying X Coffee.

Now if I just remember to look back on this post so I remember I'll look forward to some nice Espresso on the trip.