Favourite coffee roasters in Toronto?

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What are some of your favourite roasters for the folks based in Toronto (or just GTA in general) here on HB? New to Toronto and been trying to find new roasters to try out. Here's the ones I've tried/heard a lot about so far:

- Everyday Gourmet Coffee Roasters: They're located in St. Lawrence Market and have a great variety. My go-to so far since I can find something new to try for both filter coffee and espresso every time I go, and have been enjoying it a lot. Recommend their Bar Italia Espresso Blend (for espresso) and Ethiopian Guji (for filter coffee).
- Sparkplug Coffee: Think they do delivery only? They have this limited edition Whiskey-Infused coffee (https://www.sparkplugcoffee.com/shop-co ... sed-coffee) that I'm excited to try out next week.
- Pilot Coffee Roaster: Haven't tried it yet but they seem to be in all the blogs.


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Hi from Montreal,

Please google SAM JAMES COFFEE.

I now order all my beans from them. Second to none.
They do have. A few outlets in Toronto.. not sure which are open.

Best beans I have ever enjoy. I use the butter knife beans. Superb quality.

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I buy from Social Coffee (https://socialcoffee.com) in Markham predominantly. They are close to where I live and offer a good selection of great coffees. The other roaster from whom I buy coffee is De Mello (https://hellodemello.com) near Yonge and Eglinton.
- Robert