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Talk about your favorite cafes, local barista events, or plan your own get-together.

What's your "espresso while on vacation" strategy?

Bring travel kit
Visit local cafes
Go without espresso
Enjoy alternative drinks (e.g., tea, presspot)
Other (explain)
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#11: Post by doleeo »

I'll usually bring a homeroasted SO, a presspot, and my trusty hand mill.

My sister who lives in Chicago, lives 30 seconds away from the Intelly Broadway store. So when I visit her, there is no need for any sort of coffee brewing stuff.

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#12: Post by Compass Coffee »

Happen to be spending the week in Long Beach WA for the Washington State International Kite Festival. Drinking first cup of the morning Americano of a mason jar vac sealed Kona brewed with Audrey, Rocky and water from the 5 gallon home filtered brought for the cottage. (Another 5 gallons drinking water in the Jeep) Use Bodum Ibis for heating water for Americanos.
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#13: Post by ntwkgestapo »

As, for the near future, our "vacation" trips are going to be to Myrtle Beach, SC (yeah, some folk are gonna say "WOW" some are gonna say "Oh Crap!") due to purchasing a "travel trailer" last year which I keep in storage @ a campground in MB (it's 6700lbs empty and 9000lbs gross weight, which is a tad more than my Nissan Frontier Mini-Pickup will tow! :)). I took one of my "I shouldn't have purchased this" espresso machines, a Krups 4000, and just left it in the trailer. I bring fresh coffee down and use a hand grinder (not one of the nice Zassenhaus ones, but the little black plastic one made in Croatia) and grind for espresso, americanos and drip using that! I keep a Milita #2 cone filter around for the drip!
We, over the years, have been big on camping (we honeymooned in a pup tent!) so I started with a backpack camping stove and a mocha pot. Over the years, the camping has gotten less like camping and more like mobile living (two different "pop-up" campers and now the 31 foot trailer. Still have the second "pop-up"/folding trailer).
The camping trailer took my "new espresso machine" money (and then some!), which is actually OK, as I WAS leaning toward a Brewtus II and now am looking seriously at a VBM Domobar Super.... Gotta keep the wife happy! Oh well, c'est la vie!
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#14: Post by Psyd »

HB wrote:CoffeeGeek has regional and cafe review forums worth checking out. The easy to navigate espressomap has over 100 vetted choices in the USA.
I've still found too many places that I've traveled and not had anyone, either at CG (no one really checks their home region to brag about it, while I always make it my first stop at CG to see if anyone is looking for a good cuppa in my neighborhood) or on the espressomap*, who could tell me that there was any good 'spro in the neighborhood.
Like many others, the answer is 'It depends'. If I'm touring traveling for work, and a truck will be taking gear to the work site, Silvia and Rocky. If I'm flying and there is no accompanying truck, I tend to try to research locally, or the plasti-travelkit (Krups 963 and the mini Krups burr grinder). I've taken that kit out into the boonies (anyone ever see 'U-turn'?) and run it from the generator used to recharge camera batteries.
Usually when I travel, I like to have my cuppa in the room, and then have my second in the local indie places. Occasionally, I have to rely on the big chains because there is no other option. In the airport, the kit is either on the truck, or already on the plane (and I'm sure they'd be happy about you pulling the kit out and plugging it into the vacuum outlet if it weren't!) so since I'm gonna be there for a couple hours, and it is usually really early, I'll find the nearest faux Starbucks and just pinch my nose and get a milk thing.

*I finally just e-mailed Eric and asked how to add a location to the espressomap. I think that we could come up with a system of having the locals in one place or another be agents of espresso, and suggest additions without bias.
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#15: Post by coffeeprince »

When ever we're outback, we take the PRESSO and a Zassenhaus grinder. We always have the portable gas burner in the van so I can even warm milk for the missus, although there is no chance of microfoam west of Tamworth.....
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#16: Post by PavoniBunny »

I favour coffee shops... or just not drinking coffee! Someone recently suggested that you can get a pretty good 'instant' espresso these days *gasp* I didn't know how to react so I remained diplomatically quiet.

I have a feeling that once my Europiccola arrives (roll on Friday, hopefully!) I will be drinking less and less coffee when I'm away from the house!


#17: Post by Cathi »

This year I brought the Solis SL-70 and the Kitchen Aid Pro Grinder. On its very finest setting, I got pretty decent pulls with the non-pressurized baskets. Next year, maybe the cremina and a hand grinder, dunno. Depends on how big our crew will be. With up to 7 people, that could translate to A LOT of hand grinding.
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#18: Post by Psyd »

Cathi wrote:Depends on how big our crew will be. With up to 7 people, that could translate to A LOT of hand grinding.
I think that anyone that isn't ready to take a turn at the yoke isn't really in need of coffee!
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#19: Post by Cathi » replying to Psyd »

LOL! Too true! Without my AM cuppa, I'm the crankiest one of all :twisted: and can just see sitting there turning, turning until I grind enough for the first pot. Good idea to put the troops to work. :wink:
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#20: Post by old442 »

On a recent 5 day mini vacation I took my Europiccola, Rocky, Chemex and a percolator (used with a timer for hot water for the Chemex). My wife said she knew I would pack some equipment...

Every day we started with some great drip coffee. When we got back from the beach I'd fix her an iced latte and a shot or two for myself. SHE can't imagine going on vacation without my travel kit.

BTW, I did order an espresso at a cafe. I was drawn in by the Intelligentsia sign. I noticed they had a 2 group linea and decided to give it a shot. If I had gotten a 2 ounce double it probably would have been OK, but at 5 ounces it didn't quite cut it. When we got back to the house the Europiccola was immediately turned on.