The Espresso Smoothie

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#1: Post by Almico »

I haven't seen this anywhere else, so until the lawyers serve me with a cease and desist, I'm taking credit for it.

This is what happens when you put an iced Americano in a milkshake machine. I'm calling it an espresso smoothie.

It tastes like an iced latte, but there is no milk.
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#2: Post by slybarman »

Looks decent. I would prefer some milk or ice cream in mine.

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#3: Post by LBIespresso »

You needed to pan out and show off the beautiful espresso machine that you have there!

Drink looks tasty.
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Almico (original poster)
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#4: Post by Almico (original poster) »

slybarman wrote:Looks decent. I would prefer some milk or ice cream in mine.
I make those drinks too:

3 shots of espresso, 300g of vanilla ice cream and 125g of milk makes a mean espresso milkshake.

I also add milk to ice and espresso and make iced lattes on the same milkshake machine. I'm known to have the best iced lattes around. But as many as I make and sell, I have never even tasted one. I've come to loath milk in coffee. And I'm not fond of cold coffee drinks in general. But I really like this. It's cold and creamy and clean without that milk aftertaste.

For some reason milk, dairy and otherwise, retards the foaming process. With just espresso, iced and water, the foam gets so thick and creamy you can eat it with a spoon.

BTW, it works just as good in a blender.


#5: Post by gimpy »

What syrup flavoring did you use? Caramel? Vanilla? Or?

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#6: Post by TomC »

These are delicious!

Our own, Ernst Schaefer turned me on to the idea buying one of these high rpm lab blenders for exactly this, back in 2014 when I toured his awesome espresso machine collection. I stuck with my Blendtec I'd just recently bought a year or two before.

I'm not a great historian on frappe, but I think there's a historical record of them predominantly being made without milk as well.

I remember Ernst being quite particular about the high rpm capabilities of the Sorvall, (18,000 max), but the Blendtec doe 28,000 and the Vitamix, up to 37,000!

Either way it's cool to see a cafe revive the concept and I don't think any lawyers are going to bug you.

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#7: Post by Peppersass »

I like this idea. Seems like a great alternative to traditional iced coffee or cold brew.

I would think a high-power blender would puree all of the ice. Alan, do you think it's better to preserve some larger chunks of ice?

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Almico (original poster)
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#8: Post by Almico (original poster) »

Peppersass wrote:I would think a high-power blender would puree all of the ice. Alan, do you think it's better to preserve some larger chunks of ice?
I think a lot depends on ratio of water to ice to espresso. I use a 12oz cup filled with ice and then just enough water to allow room for a double shot of espresso. Then in the blender/spindle mixer it foams up to 24oz. A blender liquifies all the ice, the spindle mixer leaves some ice chunks behind. But the ice chunks stay on the bottom below the foam.

As the coffee separates from the foam you can use a straw to drink the cold coffee on the bottom, or the foam. Both are great. The coffee at the bottom stays very cold, probably due to all that foam insulation on top.

The only problem is it tastes so good, I get over-caffeinated quickly!

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#9: Post by lancealot »

Thanks for the tip Alan. In the summer, we like cold coffee drinks in the middle of the day around here but I only like to have one milk drink a day. I have tried some of the other iced drinks (espresso tonic) and they are not for me.

I tried this tonight with my Vitamix. On the first go, I tried to use the same ratios you had in the video. With the Vitamix, it made a overly slushy drink. It was so thick that the blender cavitated and could not sustain the vortex required for good blending. The drink was too thick, too icy. The next try, I foolishly increased the ratio of ice! Bad call.
On the last try, I filled a 12 oz cup 1/2 way up with ice. Then I added water and left enough space for a 36 gram shot. That got me in the zone. Delish! Now I need to work on finding the right amount of time to blend it. The ice in the bottom of the cup was more slushy than I would like it to be. I understand from your previous post, that a spindle mixer might be the key to chunkier ice, but I gotta figure out how to get it as close as possible with the Vitamix. Thanks again.

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#10: Post by pizzaman383 »

Here is Illy's version of an espresso frappe ... sso-frappe
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