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#11: Post by spromance »

Great idea/innovation Alan!

EDIT: sorry, missed the above comments from this evening, which answered some of my questions about texture and ratios... here was my try this morning

Looking forward to experimenting more, as increasingly I can't drink milk/dairy for gut reasons, and I love the idea of a smooth cold coffee drink like this!

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#12: Post by TomC »

I'm enjoying the heck out of one of these at the moment (night owl needing to stay up tonight). And I'm sure it pales in comparison to what Alan cranks out, since I chose to use up some well-past-its-prime Chromatic Gamut coffee, a drizzle of good maple syrup. It's tasty as hell and a good way to use up less than stellar coffee. My Blendtec turned it to persistently creamy textured foam. I did cheat a bit by adding a splash of half & half, and that's only because I didn't add enough water initially.

Alan, I don't recall, did you add a dash of cinnamon or cocoa powder? Either would probably be good, but I'm betting a dash of cinnamon will stand out more.

Now I just need some good jazz music playing in the background.

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#13: Post by Jofari »

Looks delicious! I'm assuming this would also work with iced drip coffee. I'll have to give it a try in my blender. Thanks for sharing!