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#1: Post by sarunasm »

Hi there,

I will be travelling to Berlin in the coming days and would like to know the spots that currently serves the best espresso in town. does anybody know any recommendations or could provide a hint of where to find such recommendations? thank you!

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#2: Post by Jaroslav replying to sarunasm »

Bonanza on Adalbertstraße 70 is a must try!

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#3: Post by Ken5 »

I second Bonanza, they have two locations that I know of. Godshot was another that I enjoyed. There was a post about a half year ago where someone from Berlin answered the same question with many suggestions. Wish I saw that before I was there over a year ago. Will search for it and post link here.


#4: Post by Janika79 »

I always liked Röststätte.
10115 BERLIN

Former German Barista Champion Nicole Battefeld used to work there, but it seems she has left.

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#5: Post by Ken5 »

Found this link in a thread here that is helpful. ... 56503.html

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#6: Post by Chert »

If I were back in Berlin, I would again head to Ben Rahim and also in Wedding a family owned Baekerei of a superfriendly Quereinsteiger we visited before, the name of which I forgot. But I am sure there are many new and delicious spots to explore.

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