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Grasshopper200 wrote:For those of you in the NYC area, I recently took a great class on the Decent at Regalia Coffee in Long Island City. It was fun to play with the machine for a few hours, and the class provided lots of information useful to espresso making on other machines as well.
Oh wow, that's phenomenal to hear! Can you tell me some more about it? What was the class like? How much did it cost? I'm local and am very seriously considering buying a DE1+, and the ability to play with it prior to committing would be huge.


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I took the class for that same reason and will be ordering a DE1Pro soon. The class is a one-on-one two hour class with Paolo, the founder of Regalia. There is a presentation with lots of hands on the machine by the student. He has both a Peak and EK to use with the machine. I got a lot out of the class and highly recommend it. Details are on the Regalia website. Happy to chat more if you PM me.


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I also took the Decent DE1 class last night with Paolo. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and for me it was well worth the time and money. I got some hands on time with the Decent machine, and really got a feel for what it's like to use. And like many people who try the machine, I'm very likely to be ordering one soon. But I also want to give credit to Paolo, who is a great teacher. He has a very deep understanding of coffee and espresso, from development of the roasted bean through to all aspects of espresso production. He explains some fairly complex concepts very clearly, and his passion for helping people make great coffee is very evident. I highly recommend this if you are near the NYC area.


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Anyone in NYC get a de1? Pondering getting one, just for a Flat MAX. Would love to meet up with someone and try the machines together!

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There are owners in NYC, send me a PM if you would like me to connect you to them.
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