Costco MN: Duluth Coffee Company $9/lb

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Found a great local roaster at our Costco in the Twin Cities (Eden Prairie) that I'd recommend. Everything I've had from Duluth Coffee Company has been very good to great so I'm imagining this will be too. Even though I just roasted a bunch of stuff I think I'll crack right into this to try it in case I decide to stock my freezer.

I can't imagine the roaster can make a lot of money this way but I'm definitely going to support it!

Anyone else find good local beans at your Costco?

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Yeah, this was good, as I would have expected buying from their store in Duluth. It a fairly tame selection, by them, likely trying to satisfy a broader range of people. If I see more I think I'll throw a bag in the freezer for when my roasting inevitably falls behind.

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I live Charleston SC and have Charleston Coffee Roasters here at Costco. I have had it a few times but nothing I would write home about, solid medium roast just not my speed.

Actually I am surprised not to see Stumptown or Intelligentsia yet at a Costco.