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farmroast wrote:Hope someone got a few photos.

I'm stuck working all weekend (what's up with coffee events always landing on the one weekend a month I work?). this guy posted photos on his twitter stream if you don't mind digging through his tweets.
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I've posted a PDF version of my talk: Value Subtracted Espresso
Jim Schulman

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#23: Post by mitch236 » replying to another_jim »

I just read your lecture and it definitely needs to be a sticky or in the FAQ!

Awesome work Jim!!


#24: Post by ZacharyJ »

Thanks for posting your lecture Jim.
It was great in person too.

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#25: Post by another_jim »

Hope you enjoyed yourself. Were you the guy pulling shots on the Silvia? If so, how did it go; did I have it set up right?
Jim Schulman


#26: Post by ZacharyJ »

No that was not me. I asked you about assessing my home roast though.


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Jim, I also wanted to add my thanks for posting your lecture. I've seen you mention it elsewhere on these boards, but the section on keeping the grind constant and varying the dose really clicked with me this time. I like to drink regular in the morning and decaf in the evening and it's a pain to have to change the grind pretty much every time I use the machine - I think I get less consistent results, and there have been many times where I've remembered I had the grind wrong right after I hit the button on the grinder.

I'm going to try to see if I can just optimize the grind for the regular and then leave the grind alone and updose when making decaf.