Coffee shops near Philadelphia to Paolie, PA

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#1: Post by CamBam_HB »

Sup everyone,

I find myself heading to the philadelphia suburbs and wanted to know any roasters I should check out?

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#2: Post by coffee_jaye »

You'll be around Paoli? Nothing comes immediately to mind, as I didn't get into coffee until after I moved to the city, but Philly would be well-worth a trip if you are able to swing an excursion into the city. Even taking SEPTA and getting off at Suburban Station will place you within blocks of two Elixr locations.

On the flip side, if you can swing a trip westward to Lancaster, check out Passenger's King St Cafe location.

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#3: Post by objective1 »

I'd agree that there are some good Philly roasters that have locations on the outskirts of the city, like Ultimo near germantown. Or Pilgrim roasters in manyunk. But once you've gone further west than that, you're done. I live 15 minutes(ish) west of Paoli, and I drive to manyunk if I haven't planned orders well enough in advance.

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#4: Post by cskorton »

Inside the city, there are a bunch of great shops to stop by. The two best imo are Two Persons in South Philly and Persimmon in Fishtown. Out in the burbs, especially the mainline, it's harder to find quality shops.

Ebru looks promising, but I've never been. There's a La Colombe in Bryn Mawr. Backyard Beans in Ambler was good and I've been to Wake Coffee roasters once.

I'm a city dweller though, so I'd say the trip into the city is well worth it.