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I was in Lisbon for a few days recently looking at sights and sampling the food. We went to a couple of specialty coffee shops I found on google and had espresso at pastry shops as well. Although the specialty shops were excellent, they served the same kind of modern coffee we talk about on Home-Barista. The bakeries we tried offered very tasty local pastries, which were accompanied by mediocre Italian-style espresso. Whereas the food in Portugal is very particular, it seemed odd to find that the coffee is so International. Or maybe we just went to the wrong places!

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Is La Machina still there? My hotel was around the corner and we really enjoyed it!
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I didn't come across it.

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We went to this place, not to have coffee but some alcohol one night but it was worth it just for the visuals. Maybe the oldest of coffee shops in Lisboa?
Cafe A Brasileira.

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I meant to visit A Brasileira, which I was aware of from tourist materials, but we couldn't fit it into our already busy days. The decor alone seems a good reason for a return trip to Lisbon.


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Baobá has incredible coffee and espresso.


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A useful link with information of Portugal, Spain and Italy: ... 27054&z=13