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Hello! I want to start ordering from European Coffee Roasters and i would like your advice about which roasters do you suggest from Europe. I prefer Europe because otherwise i'd have to pay custom taxes and it will be way more expensive. I have already wrote down The Barn , Nomad , La Cabra , Drop , Five Elephant , Coffee Collective , Tim Wendelboe , Friedhats , Manhattan , Gardelli.

Thanks in advance.


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Out of the ones already listed Manhattan and La Cabra have been consistently good so far. Here's a few that were not listed, that might be interesting, and a couple that are local-ish to me. All more towards the light roast preference, so for medium to dark you may need to look elsewhere.


Out of these Nero Scuro is my go-to for simple but good light roasted coffee for filter use. Bugan is quite famous here in Italy, and Garage won the 2020 Italian roast championship.


Calendar coffee was a nice surprise, but only based on 1 bag so far.

Sumo still to be tasted but I know people who swear the roasts are supreme.


The owner / roaster at Frukt used to work for Coffee Collective (IIRC) but then started his own shop. I've only tasted a couple of bags from them but they were veery good indeed. Will order more now that I'm going to Finland.

One Day Coffee I haven't really tasted yet, but they have Koji processed coffee (at the moment looks like in green only) which I tasted at WOC Milan and it was super.

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As Norway is not in the EU, I wouldn't order from Tim Wendelboe if you don't want to be taxed and/or stuck in customs.

Out of my local Swedish roasters, my current favorite is Gringo Nordic. Lots and lots of new coffees available pretty much all the time.
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Roastery in Antwerp where I buy my coffees. Very consistent and balanced coffees.


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