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Is there anything new in the downtown area that's exceptional? I see an old thread that mentions Merit. And also Brown Coffee. I'm not looking for a particular cafe scene or food--just outstanding pour-over or espresso.

I typically skip coffee on the road unless someone knows of a place that's really getting it right.

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Both of those are great recommendations / as of 2019, at least. Merit has entrepeneurial bent more than Brown, but they do focus on quality. Snob factor and focus on quality is higher with Brown. When I am in San Antonio I don't like to miss out on the Liberty Bar. great digs and there coffee is a step above most restaurant coffee. Mexico - Ethiopia blend for years.

GGN has the new landscaping contract for Hemisfair plaza, something I would definitely check out were I in dear old San Antonio.

Enjoy your trip.
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Quester (original poster)

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Thanks Chert. I'll report back in this thread about the coffee at Brown and also at Merit.

Thanks for the tip on the Liberty Bar. And we will be spending some time in the Hemisfair plaza too.

Quester (original poster)

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We visited Brown Coffee three times. They were pulling an espresso blend and an interesting Geisha from Costa Rica as an espresso option (for an upcharge). The Geisha was nice. We did not try the blend.

We had a pour-over all three visits. One of them was done by someone particularly meticulous about their technique. Fantastic.

For others traveling to San Antonio, I recommend stopping by Brown Coffee. I hope your experience is as good as ours.

Chert, on your recommendation, we stopped by Liberty Bar. A fun time.


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Are you limited to downtown?

Places I recommend in no particular order in the downtown area:

Shotgun Coffee Roaster
Commonwealth Coffee
Brown Coffee Company

*Revolucion is kind of meh, but in downtown.

If you have a car check out What's Brewing, they have pinball machines and a nice spot to hangout. They are hands down the most affordable roaster in town (good quality roasts too).