Coffee in Jamaica?

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My family is headed to Jamaica in August for a wedding. My typical travel routine is to pack the Robot & Kinu and a few beans, then go to the best cafe when we land and grab some of their beans to last me the week, mainly to try out a new place. Without a good local roaster I may hit up Target if I don't want to pack so much, or just bring enough from home. But Jamaica could be different... a mecca with a place to see growing beans or a desert without anything even at a grocery store. I think at this point in COVID we will still be limited to the tourist belts, and we will fly in and out of Montego Bay and the wedding is at Half Moon Resort. So...

1. Any acceptable cafe/roastery or place to get good espresso beans there?
2. I know Blue Mountain is expensive and doesn't get a lot of love here but is there anything to check out? I realize that's on the other side of the island as well...

My research hasn't turned up anything promising so at this point I'm just imagining we are going to a coffee desert, which is a shame, really.

Thanks for the thoughts!