Chicago-Milwaukee Spring 2019 get together

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#1: Post by mdmvrockford » Jan 15, 2019, 2:08 pm

Well this year I'll beat timing of groundhog's opinion. Like Prairedawg's Summer BBQ Chicago-Milwaukee growing tradition, I'll make growing tradition of Spring northern Illinois/southern Wisconsin Home-Barista get together (GTG).

To those who have not attended one in the past:
* It is get-together of members (and feel free to bring coffee/espresso loving family or friends BUT I will need exact head count for main dish). What I find wonderful about these get-togethers is they are completely casual meeting of (using an education analogy) freshman university students and all the way up to emeritus professors level. This host maybe has entered a low-end low-rent community college w.r.t. coffee knowledge. I remember the first H-B GTG I felt I would be exposed as a coffee/espresso idiot. Nothing could have been further from the true experience.
* Host provides main food dish and guests are welcome (not required) to bring side dish/finger food/dessert/ethanol.

I hosted two prior Springtime ones: first on Pi day 2015 (03/14/15) and 2nd one March 2018.
I will update this initial thread post information below up through time of GTG (as before).

Saturday, April 6, 2019.

10AM to when last person leaves (usually no later than 1800)
BUT feel free to arrive whenever after 10AM and leave as early as one desires
Please realize main dish is planned to be served at 1200. But if you arrive later, I can still whip up tasting size portion depending on how much ingredients left over.

Rockford, IL area ( please see home-barista personal message send to attendees; for those who have been to my home in past, it's the same address)

ATTENDEES: (EXCEPT for host, all other attendees tentative at present)
mdmvrockford (host) and one of his foodie neighbor
another_jim (TeamHB)
dominico (TeamHB)
Prairiedawg and Mrs. Prairiedawg
vberch and friend Steven

[Drum roll please......I fulfilled 2018 New Years resolution and learned to cook. For those who know me, please don't buy lottery ticket as it does not work as my lottery tickets have not even matched >2 numbers and one of my foodie neighbors can confirm no fluoroquinolone/sulfa medication nor immodium will be needed]
* Thailand's medley of flavor noodle dish: Pad See Ew with marinated chicken

SIDE DISHES: (guests bring but not required)
* salmon smoked (another_jim)
* homemade cake (Mrs. Prairiedawg)
* homemade pie (earlgrey_44)

COFFEE BEANS: (to new attendees, feel free to bring your home roast or purchased roasted bean but no obligation to do this):
* TBD from guests
* George Howell roasted Costa Rica (host)
* George Howell roasted Tabe Burka (host)
* Dark Matter "where the sidewalk blends" ... 19-limited (host)
* Soulside Coffee ("doubleOsoul") Monsoon Malabar AA (host)
* Soulside Coffee ("doubleOsoul") Sumatra Ajibata (?sp) Lake Toba wet hulled honey microlot (host)
* Klatch E. Y. ... 3402588249 (Prairiedawg)
* Klatch Columbia ... 8637562969 (Prairiedawg)

* distilled water remineralized with Third Wave Water (espresso profile) packet

(1) Grinder
* Monolith Conical (original version) (Prairiedawg)
* Niche Zero Conical (another_jim)
* Monolith Flat (dominico)
* Helor Flux (Helor 106) (host)
* Orphan Espresso Pharos with aluminum bolt covers but otherwise stock i.e. version 1.1 (host)
* Mazzer Super Jolly with doser & stock burrs (host)
* Rancilio Rocky doserless (unmodded) (host) (Boss uses this for drip as she refuses to use Helor 101)
* Helor 101 with both burr sets (espresso burr still not broken in yet as I only use this as drip grinder) (host)
* Bplus Apollo hand grinder (dominico)
* Portospresso grinder

(2) Espresso machine & regular coffee brewer
* Olympia Cremina (1967 version) with "naked portafilter's" (Gabor's) pressure piston gauge, bottomless PF and single & double PF baskets (host)
* Elektra Semiautomatica (another_jim)
* Clever Coffee Dripper (one that takes #4 coffee filter) (host)
* Robot (dominico)
* Flair 2.0 (dominico)
* Espresso Forge (dominico)
* Quickmill Alexia (E61) with PID and four VST portafilter baskets (15g, 17g, 20g, 21g) (host)
* Portaspresso (vberch)

(3) Accessories
* Bodum double wall espresso sized glasses (total 5) (host)
* thick porcelain cappuccino/latte cups and saucers (total eight) (host)
* two 58mm tampers and one 49mm tamper (host)
* one 0.01gram digital scale (500 gram max) (host)
* one 1L Bonavitta PID gooseneck kettle (host)
* scales and cups (another_jim)

As before, I will need guest(s) to bring more espresso cups. Also I think at least one other scale (that can handle max >=1000 grams) will be needed.
TOTALLY selfish, but can anyone also bring an Acaia Pearl or Lunar as host wants to try one out, thanks!

* two-750cc bottle of 2014 Italian Puiatti Cur Traminer Aromatico (host) ... 014/151074
* various single malt Highland Scotches (16 year & 18 year) and Speyside Scotch (15 year to 20 year) (host)

Of course whiskey does not pair with pad see ew with chicken but I don't care:)

TOPICS TO DISCUSS (so far a,b, c are host's request): Please post other topics you want discussed during the GTG.
(a) How to dial in new coffee roast w/o wasting 1/2 to 3/4 of the bag like host does.(another_jim)
Yes I have read posts on HB. But coffee novice (me) still don't get it.

(b) "reverse engineer" George Howell's Costa Rica : how does this master roaster make it taste great w/o the usual involuntary facial pucker (another_jim)

(c) Grinder smackdown (another_jim) taste & ergonomics.

(1) Monolith Conical (v1.0) vs. Niche Zero Grinder (the main event)

(2) Helor 101 vs. Bplus Apollo vs. need other attendees to bring other hand grinder with same burr size (e.g. Kinu, Portaspresso, Feld)

(3) Mazzer Super Jolly (stock burr) vs. Monolith Flat (please do NOT expect this though).

(4) Helor Flux/106 vs. OE Pharos v1.1 [I won't be participating in this one as my Pharos dogs have been retired after my review (please see Grinder thread post) and unlike prior TNTC boxers they cannot be coaxed out of retirement]

* Four-lounge seats sound-isolated 5.0 home theater downstairs
[each of three main speakers have powered subwoofer; the dedicated subwoofer (.1 channel) broke since 3/2018 GTG :( ] with TNTC IMDB Top 250 movies & mindless popcorn flicks and Assetto Corsa PC game in full simulation mode with wheel and pedal set. As before, please feel free to bring in your reference sound and/or reference picture Blu ray discs to demo but realize if motion picture made after 1970, I probably already own it so ask me in PM if I already have it. I do not have a 4K/ HDR/Dolby Vision display device. But the contrast ratio of my 2k projector ain't too shabby.
Various multi-channel SACDs [e.g. Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon" & "Wish You Were Here", Rolling Stones "Let It Bleed" and "Sympathy for the Devil" EP, Nora Jones "Come Away With Me", Roxy Music "Avalon"] As before home theater and home audio tips/suggestions will be appreciated (Thank you to another_jim, vberch and earlgrey_44 for prior tips/suggestions).

* family room on main level has 50-inch 1080p plasma for regular TV and Netflix and Amazon Prime and Hulu

* Same middle-aged and still-way-too enthusiast male Labradoodle. Please pet him and give him a Milk Bone treat(s) (host has supply) and he will be your best friend too. If you don't pet him he will keep jumping at you begging for your attention. Last year he made many new best friends including "jackson6."
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#2: Post by mdmvrockford » Feb 02, 2019, 1:46 pm

Still WAY early but thank you to all who have responded to date.

At present it appears either Saturday, April 6, 2019 (1st choice) or Saturday, March 30, 2019 (2nd choice) will be the two dates unless there is more requests for April 27, 2019. As stated in OP, April 13, 2018 is out b.c. I forgot Star Wars Celebration Chicago is that day.
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#3: Post by another_jim » Feb 02, 2019, 3:41 pm

mdmvrockford wrote:April 13, 2018 is out b.c. I forgot Star Wars Celebration Chicago is that day.
We're all rabid Star Wars fans !?!
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#4: Post by mdmvrockford » replying to another_jim » Feb 02, 2019, 5:50 pm

LOL Jim.

You may or may not have heard my SW Episode VII and VIII rant at John's summer 2018 or was it at my place Spring 2018 GTG. Then again IIRC, Dominick and I were talking and no one else was around. Kinda like mentioning Star Trek in room full on non-fans. Please remind me to tell you at the GTG and I can give you Readers' Digest version and if desired the un-abridged dissertation. Regardless, my adult son wanted to go to the Chicago SW Celebration. And as you know, if your kid wants and volunteers of their own free will to do something with parent, the parent better jump all over it.
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#5: Post by another_jim » Feb 02, 2019, 7:08 pm

I missed your rant about the recycled plot cocktails; but can guess. Yeah, voluntary parent/kid stuff always takes precedence.
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#6: Post by Prairiedawg » Feb 17, 2019, 7:30 pm

Have we picked a date yet and have you heard from any more interested parties than those who responded to the Doodle poll?
Seems to be surprisingly little interest, I hope I'm wrong.

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#7: Post by another_jim » Feb 17, 2019, 8:10 pm

Early days; give it a few weeks.
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#8: Post by Prairiedawg » Feb 17, 2019, 10:30 pm



#9: Post by earlgrey_44 » Feb 19, 2019, 8:24 am

another_jim wrote:Early days; give it a few weeks.

Exactly. I want to make sure I don't mess up one of the bosses long weekend plans... So schedule certainty has not yet arrived.
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#10: Post by edschlukebir » Feb 21, 2019, 12:43 pm

I'd like to make it as well. It'd be nice to meet some more coffee people in this part of the world. I'm in German Valley just west of Rockford.